My Four Favourite Natural Sweeteners

May 16, 2017 | Nutrition



As you know I love me some cake. But if you have ever, in aid of creating a totally sugar-free insanely healthy cake, tried to make said cake with no natural sweetener, sugar or fruit of any kind, then you will know it will taste like compost….


Which is why I love natural sweeteners. They enable me to have my cake and eat it – hooray!  I use Natural sweeteners often and I find them really helpful in creating a naturally sweet life.


If you want to know more check out my FREE Natural Sweetener Guide which covers loads of the available options, today I’m just covering four. Because who out there has ever brought a recommended item for it to sit in your cupboard because you have no idea how to use it? *ahem…me!!!*


I don’t want this to happen to you, so I have included recipes in the eGuide too. So click the link below to get that eGuide into your inbox.




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Natural sweeteners that will impact your blood sugar levels….


Honey and maple syrup do cause an insulin response in the body so be aware of this if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. This also means they shouldn’t be used liberally, more as treats or limited to a tsp a day.


Raw Honey

Honey needs to be raw as this means it can retain its naturally occurring enzymes which are amazing! I use it as a face mask, for baking and I have used it to wash my hair with it! It worth noting that it does contain high levels of fructose if this is something you wish to be careful about, but Raw honey is so sweet only a little is needed to get a big sweet taste.

I buy mine in bulk here to save £££


Maple Syrup

I really like Maple syrup, really really like it, it tastes so good. It isn’t as high in fructose as raw honey and it is great on pancakes or to sweeten drinks like cocoa. It also pretty easy to find which is helpful and although it’s not one to use lots of due to high blood sugar impact, this is great for occasional pancake stack Saturday’s!

(Tip – always read ingredient often it’s mixed with a cheaper sweetener – so always aim for 100% maple syrup ideally organic!)



Natural Sweeteners that don’t greatly impact your blood sugar….


This can take a powder or a drop form but not everyone is a fan because it does have a slightly bitter aftertaste. For this reason, it’s best used in small amounts like to sweeten a drink and not to bake with. Stevia does impact your blood sugar levels to a tiny degree but not nearly as much as honey or maple syrup which is why it’s deemed safe for diabetics. You need to use hardly any so ¼ tsp of Stevia to every 1tsp of sugar for your coffee/tea or cocoa.

Get it here



Xylitol is great for your teeth and oral health but it is a sugar alcohol therefore if you eat tons it will give you a funny tummy, so use ½ tsp- 1 tsp at a time or in baking and it is great for fussy eaters as it looks like sugar. It is essential you get you Xylitol from a quality source this means from Birch NOT corn. And take not start using very small amounts of this stuff as it can take a while for your stomach to get used to it.

I love using it in my cocoas or baking. I get mine here



With all of these natural sweeteners, you do need to adjust your pallet first. If you know you are addicted to sugar or that you have a really sweet tooth then you need to address that problem and then move into using these natural sweeteners as part of a naturally sweet life.

As part of my FREE Natural Sweetener Guide, I will drop you an email with some steps you can take to ditch the sugar addiction and move into a naturally sweet life.

Stock up on some naturally sweet alternatives, get the free Natural Sweetener Guide and kick sugar’s ass 😉






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