The Best Foods to Support Your Thyroid

Aug 16, 2017 | Nutrition


So we are in a mini blog series where we are looking at the thyroid.


This juicy gland sits in your neck and impacts your health massively. If you missed the previous posts catch up below:


So today we are looking at what are the key foods that help support the thyroid. And by that we are really looking at some of the key nutrients that support thyroid health.


But it is worth noting that whilst we have been taught to treat our symptoms and body parts like they are in a vacuum, this is not the case. Rarely is something ‘only’ about the thyroid, or ‘only’ about the adrenals or the gut. When treating fatigue, weight loss resistance, depression, or any other symptom we need to look at the WHOLE person. And this is very much the case with the thyroid.


Research shows that SIBO and very much linked with Hashimoto’s and the adrenals are always linked with thyroid conditions. Gut health impacts it and liver function is also essential for optimum thyroid function and hormone conversion.


(And it goes without saying, see medical folk about this ok? Approaching this holistically doesn’t mean you need to never go to the doctors, the power is really in doing BOTH!)


Remember, your body works as one beautiful machine, lots of parts all contributing to overall health. so never just focus on one aspect, treat the WHOLE body.


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Phew – feel better now. Now let’s get on with the Super Naturally Healthy show what are the Best Foods to Support Your Thyroid….




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