Your ‘Everyday’ Detox – 6 Simple Ways to Detox Daily!

Jan 9, 2018 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition


I love a good detox. So much so I do it 24/7 – haha! Well my liver, kidneys, skin, breath and urine and poop are detoxing 24/7 but that doesn’t mean we should just use and abuse that system. We need to support our own natural detox pathways.

Annnnnnd thankfully there are some simple things you can do EVERY day to help your body detox. We often think of a detox as a faddy extreme diet (like only eating cabbage for a month!) however there are some really simple things that you can do today to support your bodies natural detoxification process (no cabbages!).

For a long time I had a strong reaction to the word ‘detox’ because it just sounded like a trendy extreme diet type thing. However detoxing is something your body is doing all the time, that is why you are alive. There are organs whose main function is based around helping rid the body of toxins.

You don’t need to buy anything to detox, our job is to support those natural detoxification pathways and systems that already exist within the body. Our job is not to ‘put’ you on a detox but rather to optimise the way your body deals with toxins (although I find it help to designate period of time that are dedicated to doing a ‘deep’ detox, normally x4 a year to align with the seasons). Your liver,  skin (sweating), urine and poop are all systems your body uses to expel toxins for the body and there are certain things we can do to support them so that you can get your energy back and feel amazing.


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You liver has two stages of detoxification; stage one is where your body takes it toxins and converts them into something your body can excrete. Often (but not always) this leads to making them more harmful. Stage two is really about taking those converted toxins out of the body ASAP. However, in lots of us those pathways can be hindered because of genetics, lack of nutrients, poor diet, stress etc. These things can all affect one or both of those pathways.

But – huzzah – we can support these detoxification pathways with diet, supplementation, or lifestyle. Yay!!


Why Bother? Do We Need to Detox?

Whilst we can support the detoxifcation of our bodies daily I do reccommend  focuses on a few periods a year of ‘detoxifcation’. Meaning periods of time to rest and invest in really supporting this detox pathways.  Why? In our stressful, fume filled, modern lives, we are faced with so many different toxins all the time they are in our furniture, our dental fillings, our water, food, atmosphere, drugs and the modern toxins of stress. Detoxing is even more essential if you suffer from any chronic illness, or things like acne, gut health issues. ANd this WHOLE area is something I qill explain way more about in my 5-Day Bootcamp which you can join here HERE

  1. Water with lemon on waking

The citronella found in lemons are excellent at supporting the detoxification pathways of the liver. Your liver works super hard whilst you are asleep to rid the body of toxins so when you wake your body is ready to get rid of these (via pee and poop) and start eating again. The lemon plus lots of water first thing really helps to activate your digestive system, activate your bowls and liver and the water helps to flush out all the toxins your liver has been converting whilst you sleep. I have the juice of half a lemon in a pint of water first thing and if the rest of your diet is healthy this should cause no problems for your teeth.

>> Action – upon waking drink 1/2 pint of water with juice of 1/2 lemon.

  1. Movement

    This doesn’t need to be hitting the gym or hard-core exercise. Your lymphatic system (this move lymph an important part of the immune system) is a really important part of detoxing and the way this circulates is via movement as it doesn’t have a pumping system like your blood. So walking, jumping on the trampoline, stretching all helps to move the lymph around the body.

    >> Action -walk, bounce or jump in some way daily for 10 mins

  2. Tea drinking

    Slurping 2-3 cups of organic herbal tea daily is another super simple way you can support your detoxifcation pathways. My favourite super detoxifying teas are :

    – nettle
    – ginger
    – dandelion

    Really any organic herbal blend will do, and ideally you use a medicinal brand of tea like Pukka or  Heath & Heather and leave the tea bag in to stew. Bottoms up!!

    >> Action – drink 2-3 cups of an organic herbal tea daily

  3. Turmeric

    This activates those detox pathways in your liver and there is tonnes of research about its benefits. It is mainly the curcumin in the Turmeric that benefits the liver and many other areas.

    I do this daily by either shotting down 1/2 tsp of the spice in water, spraying this under my tongue daily, drinking tumeric tea or lattes or adding it to lots of food!

    >> Action – add turmeric to your daily food

  4. Vegetables

    There is a reason we are told to eat our vegetables because they contain lots of the nutrients that the liver needs to detox. Onions, beetroot, ginger and garlic are particularly good for detoxing so I recommend eating these daily. We want to be aiming to be 5+ servings of vegetables DAILY and a great way to boost the amount of vegetables you eat in a day is to throw them into a smoothie. Want more smoothie recipes then head to my green smoothie challenge.

    >> Action –  drink ginger shots, or swallow slivers of raw garlic, or make beetroot coleslaw daily

  5. Dry Skin Brushing Every Morning

    With a dry skin brush simply brush your skin towards your heart. This activates the lymphatic system, keeps your skin smooth and supports your skin, another detoxification organ. Your skin is a map and often skin issues like adult acne, boils and rashes can be a sign of poor detoxification, inflammation, poor gut health or food intolerance.

    >> Action – take a mintue to dry skin brush before hopping in the shower every day.


These a 6 super simple things that over time you can add to your daily habits and life and THIS will do wonders for your health. For your skin, for your hormones, fertility, energy and SO much more.


Let me know any questions you have in comment below otherwise happy ‘everyday’ detoxing!


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