The Basics to Detoxification (Without the Fads or Cleanses!)

Apr 3, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast


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How does the word ‘detoxification‘ make you feel? Like you need to sign up to the next juice cleanse program or maybe just hungry from simply thinking about it…

This week I am debunking some of the gumph that we can get told of detoxing and I share some of the simple daily and practical strategies that can help you feel more awesome.

Detoxification is something I work on with nearly ALL my one to one clients as its key to hormonal balance, digestion, mental health and disease prevention. And in our increasing toxic world it essential to be aware of and take tiny daily actions.


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Show Summary

  • What is Detoxification?
  • How your body does it daily
  • Simple (everyday) ways you can support natural detoxification in the body
  • Why eating 5 a day isn’t the golden standard
  • 3 Non-food ways to support detoxification
  • How I support my own daily detoxification
  • What daily pooping has to do with it all


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