Being Fat, Body Image & Getting Fertile with Nicola Salmon (Ep 10)

Apr 10, 2018 | Podcast, Weight Loss

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How do you feel about gaining weight? Being fat? Not fitting the ‘norm’ of body image. And what it, to boot, you are struggling with fertility and every time you go to the Doctor you feel embarassed and ashamed of your weight….

This weeks guest Nicola Salmon knows all about this. As a women with PCOS, told she was infertile and felt to blame due to being overweight. NOW? She has 2 kids and is a gentle warrior for fertility freedom and a proud, fat feminist.

This episode is perfect for those of you struggling with fertility or with your body image. Or if you, like me are a gentle but raging feminist  then you will also love this epsidoe.


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Show Summary

  • Nicola’s history with PCOS, infertility and having 2 kids
  • Why she calls herself her Fat Feminist Fertility Coach
  • Why fertility is NOT just for women who want to make babies!!!
  • Deiting culutre and why is so toxic
  • Why being overweight isn’t something to blame or chame yourself for
  • How yo-yo dieting impacted her health
  • How to have a mindful (and feminist) approach to fertility 


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