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How to Overcome Disordered Eating… {Ep 26}

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Have you found yourself stuck in certain habits or behaviours around your health that you KNOW are unhelpful or even destructive….but you just keep doing them?


Literally like a hamster on a wheel. Of trying something new, failing to keep up with it (because it’s super restrictive or you’re just being plain MEAN to yourself!) and then you end up at square one, feeling like you are a failure.


This sort of cycle can be super toxic and lead to a really disordered approach to food and your body. Well, this was the case for me. I never ended up with a full-blown eating disorder (thank goodness) but my mind was obsessed with food, tracking it, tracking my weight, my points/syns etc. I was exhausted thinking about food all the time.


And I see this in SO many of my one to one clients, a disordered eating pattern that is stopping them for healing their body and reaching their goals. And often it is driven by our core beliefs. So this week we have core beliefs expert Megan to help us SHIFT our beliefs so that we can start to make changes that ACTUALLY last.



Megan is a Business Mindset Strategist and she came on the show to help us look at how these things called core beliefs can impact our behaviour. She shares with us how we can shift can begin to shift our beliefs so that we can actually create that beautiful healthy life we truly WANT.


So if you know you’re stuck in this hamster wheel of making no progress and feeling like a failure then make sure you listen to this conversation so you can get equipped with the tools you need to see a REAL and LASTING change in your habits and behaviours.




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