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Supplementation & The 4 Biggest Mistakes I Want You To Avoid…. {Ep 30}

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Do you need supplements?  Do they make expensive pee? Are they just a waste of money and marketing ploy? These are all GREAT questions and this week on the podcast I am sharing the biggest mistakes and approaches people have to supplementation so YOU can avoid them.


In this podcast I cover:

  • who doesn’t need supplementation
  • the exposure we have to toxins
  • what most people do when it comes to supplements that not help.
  • what supplementation is actually for
  • how I approach it with my clients
  • when to take them and how long to take them for
  • and why you need to be careful about drug/nutrient interactions


So if you’ve been confused about supplementation, have a drawer full of half used supplements OR are super skeptical about them then this is an episode for you. And if you have any questions then leave a comment below or head over to Instagram and message me there.




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Resources Mentioned

  • Ep 26: Foundation to Preconception Care – listen here
  • The general supplements I tend to recommend (and other supplies) – look HERE (but again listen to the show to avoid the common mistakes!)
  • The Gut Goddess Quiz – take it here










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