How she did it….lost LOADS of weight {Ep 38}

Oct 24, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast

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I thought I would kick off a mini-series asking ‘how she did it’.


And this week we are talking about WEIGHT LOSS. How did this week’s awesome guest drop a ton of weight (we don’t actually know how much as she never weighed herself but see the pictures below) without even focusing that much on it? Without daily weigh-ins, scales, counting calories or feeling crap? 

We also talk hypothyroidism, setting yourself up for success, how you create habits that last and so much more!

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(To find out more about our awesome guest *cough* my sister you can check her out over on Instagram as she also works for me in my business as a virtual assistant but basically does all sorts of tasks that keep me and my business running!)


Before & After

Beautiful but feeling BLAH … to Jess Now




Resources Mentioned

  • Listen to my views on BMI and the REAL metrics you should listen to  LISTEN HERE
  • Do the Gut Goddess Quiz HERE
  • The four reasons you’re not losing weight HERE
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  • Take Gretchen Rubins ‘Four Tendencies’ Quiz HERE to find out how YOU create habits best (Jess is an upholder and I am a questioner!)



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