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What you need to know about supplements (& which ones to take!) {Ep 54}

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You will probably fall into one of two categories:

1. Supplements are a waste of time and make expensive wee

2. You buy tons of supplements and have a draw full of ones you don’t use don’t seem to work.


As a holistic nutritionist, I rely mainly on food to help people heal, but supplements do play a helpful role for many people. So this week in the podcast I am looking at the basic info you need to know about supplementation. ANNNNDDDD the 2 universal supplements I think are safe for most people.


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Resources mentioned 

  • Find out why I love vitamin c here
  • Vitamin C options:
    liposomal vitamin C here
    food based vitamin C here
    normal vitamin C powder here
  • Magnesium spray here
  • Epsom salts for baths here
  • Find out about working with me one on one






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