How to finding time (& motivation) to exercise {71}

Jul 24, 2019 | Podcast


This week we are talking exercise and movement with the wonderful Heather Englund – fitness instructor and trainer from Real Food Fit Mama. We talk about how to get back into exercise after not doing it for ages (cough cough – me!), how to get motivated, find the time and the JOY of movement – and how to find it!

She also mentioned her 5-Day Yoga & Strength Project which you can join and find more about here


More about Heather

Heather Englund is a YogaFit and AFAA certified group fitness instructor. Heather’s teaching career began in 2011. She has taught classes varying from strength training, cycle, aqua aerobics, kickboxing, silver sneakers, yoga, sports agility, and bootcamps. She finds so much joy making movement fun for people and she is a Mama of four little ones – so she gets that time is short!

Go say ‘hi’ to her on Instagram and why not do one of her  ASANA STRENGTH workouts on YouTube!







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