How (& Why) To Calm Down Your Nervous System (Ep 105)

Mar 31, 2020 | Nutrition, Podcast

If you eat ‘perfectly”, exercise regularly and drink all the water BUT don’t do this, don’t know how or why to do this – then you will see limited results.

Yep, this topic is THAT important – I can’t believe I’ve not done a podcast on it so far!

Its something I talk to every client about and during these times it is more important than ever before. So in this episode, I talk about what I mean by calming your nervous system, why it’s important, how it impacts your body and the 6 practical simple and free (and evidence-based) steps you can take to calm it all down.


Resources mentioned

  • Listen to an episode I did just about meditation – here
  • Find out more about working with me here
  • Do the gut goddess quiz here
  • Meditation apps: Headspace or Calm or Insight Timer
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