Pt 4 – When You Have No Period & Don’t Ovulate (AKA the Follicular, Ovulatory Phase) {Ep 107}

Apr 6, 2020 | Podcast

So far in my Making Your Period Your Super Power Podcast Series we’ve looked at what your period is, why the lead up to your period can be so awful and what to do about painful heavy periods – but today we are looking in-depth at:

What if you don’t have a period? Or don’t bleed regularly? Or aren’t sure you’re even ovulating?

Whats a woman to do then?

Well, my lovely that is what we are talking about today! I share with your the 5 reasons you might be struggling with this part of your cycle and OF COURSE some simple actions you can take to address them so that you can have one happy, pain-free regular period.


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Resources Mentioned

  • Making your Periods Your Superpower Podcast Series:
    Listen to part 1 – introducing what your cycle phases here
    Listen to part 2 – all about your luteal phase here
    Listen to part 3 – all about heavy painful periods here
    Listen to part 5 – all about how to optimize your energy, productivity and exercise with your periods – here
  • Find out more about working with me here
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