Kezia Hall

Holistic Nutritionist & Coach

2 Simple Mindset Hacks That Give You Quicker Results {Ep 136}


Most people I work with actually KNOW a good amount when it comes to nutrition and wellness. They have heard about eating more green veg, less sugar and that meditation are good for you. But they are struggling to implement any changes that last and don’t seem to ever see the results of their efforts.

And in this podcast, I am going to share with you why that could be.

You can have ALL the nutritional knowledge and strategy in the world. All the evidence, all the degrees and supplements, and books. BUT if you are not intentionally working on your thoughts and mindset you will struggle to implement the actions you know are good for you. Sound familiar?

So I am giving your the 2 key strategies that I’ve used to shift my lifestyle and create new habits that accelerate my progress and make me feel GOOD.



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