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Are You Stuck In The Whole30/Sugar-Detox/Vegan-uary/30 Day Trap? {Ep 138}




There are A LOT of different programs out there. Whole 30, Sugar Detoxes, Keto Challenges, Plant-Based programs. Heck, I even have on (the Flourish Academy) as they can be a really useful tool and catalyst, and hundreds of women have seen phenomenal results through my own program. 

But whilst I have seen the power of online or community challenges around food and health, I also, perhaps more often, see people stuck in a vicious cycle. Where their gluten-free, plant-based 30-day program becomes just another fad, flash in the pan, diet. 

Where they hop from program to program and do a 30 or 21 day something every 6 months but essentially make very little long term progress. And before they know it 5 years have passed and they are still struggling with the same issues…or maybe they’ve gotten worse!

Sound like you?

Well, listen to this week’s podcast to find out why its not that completely black and white and my 4 step process for you figuring out what YOU NEED to see results quicker and faster 😉


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