All About Functional Lab Testing (& Why it’s a GAME CHANGER! Ep 140)

Dec 7, 2020 | Podcast

Have you ever been told that all your test results are ‘normal’  – yet you feel terrible? You’ve had every panel run under the sun but still, there are no answers to why you are struggling.

Or maybe you’ve been trying stuff for years in an attempt to improve your hormones, get rid of your bloating or improve your energy but NOTHING seems to work!!

Then this is the episode for you. I dive more into all the functional laboratory testing I do with my clients that provides clear data on why my clients have the symptoms they have. Running these private labs (along with normal tests your Dr will do) is a real game-changer and will accelerate your progress tenfold.



Resources mentioned:

  • Join my one to one waitlist here
  • Find out more about thyroid testing here


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