Is this stopping you from seeing results? (Hint it does with most of my clients!) {199}

Apr 27, 2022 | Podcast

In this episode, we are going to be talking about a key pattern that I see getting in the way of so many of my clients. If this particular specific pattern is stopping you from seeing the results you want, there is a really subtle shift of your mind and your expectations that will either help you get results in your belly, hormones, skin and energy with more speed and ease, or make you get in your own way and see no progress over time.

So, it’s really important but it is actually quite an easy tweak to make. I think just being aware of it is really crucial. When you’re aware of it you will think ‘Oh, this is that part of that. Okay, right… let’s shift that really easy’ – I promise you, if you get this, you will see more results quicker, faster, and easier in your body because it’s just more fun.

As a holistic nutritionist, I’m always looking at the patterns and the things that are getting in the way of my clients so that I can support people to where they want to get to so that they feel really good with more speed and ease and just makes their life easier – because we do often think that being healthy, is this really hard thing to do.

When I’m working with my clients and helping them see incredible results, one of the key parts of that is really about problem solving and figuring out what is really going on. What are some of the root causes and part of that problem solving is noticing patterns.

This pattern comes up with most of them, and it’s a really simple shift to meek, but it can make a big difference because this particular, Pattern can really derail. I’ve seen it really derail clients progress if it’s left unchecked.

I often asked clients to choose two key symptoms or key metrics that we track throughout the programme with me so that they can see and feel like they’re making progress.

They’re seeing those great results but then all of a sudden they hit this pattern where they think nothing is working for them. They’re not aware of it being a pattern and they self sabotage which can be a massive setback because they have lost that momentum.

We have this very linear expectation of our progress and it’s partly because our brain really likes that it feels safe and it likes to really grasp on to this linear idea of making progress but if suddenly feel like you are not making progress, you then don’t make any. – If you allow this expectation to go unchecked, you will find yourself constantly in a vicious cycle of I’m making progress then not making progress because of those thoughts.


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