Why you haven’t figured out your root cause yet {200}

May 4, 2022 | Podcast

In this episode, I’m going to be sharing with you 5 things that get in the way of figuring out what your root causes are. 

Solving the right problems means that you can see more results, make more progress in your energy, your belly, your hormones, and your skin with more speed and more ease.

So, I completed my first 10k race at the weekend. It was a trail race, so there was a fair amount of incline (a thousand feet) – I was so pleased with my time and I feel so grateful. –  My health isn’t perfect by any means – I’m constantly working on it and I’m currently waiting on some lab results. I’m wearing my continuous blood glucose monitor, because I suspect I have a bit of reactive hyperglycemia and some blood sugar things.

So, everything’s not perfect, but I’m really grateful for where it’s at considering the last couple of years for various reasons. I just feel really glad that my body is and my brain are doing okay.

I really listen to my body, respect its symptoms and messages and I do what I’m talking about on today’s podcast and figuring out root causes. I’m always checking in with it and asking ‘what are you telling me? How can I support you? How can I respect you? How can I honour your functioning and your systems even more? And this is what I want you to start doing too.

So, let’s dive into the 5 things that are stopping you from figuring out what your root causes are:

You didn’t know you needed to figure out your root causes

As a holistic nutritionist and in this holistic world, it’s a really different framework. It’s a really different way of thinking and approaching your health. Within conventional medicine, the idea of looking at why you have the symptom you have is not a top priority by any means.

So, let’s say you suffer from headaches regularly – You might take some medication that makes the headache go away, but that process isn’t actually solving the problem – It’s numbing it.

The root cause of your headaches is not the lack of paracetamol but the paracetamol helps and it could really help your quality of life but it’s just the way, that pharmacological system work (which, by the way, isn’t bad – I do take medications) but that is the framework that we live in.

Our conventional medical system is a very broad thing. – There’s always positives and there’s always negatives to lots of big systems, but sometimes when it comes to figuring out our root causes, we just didn’t know that that’s what we needed to do.

You don’t know how to figure out what the causes are

This is really common because it’s a very new way of thinking. It’s about us embodying a more powerful relationship with our body, our healthcare, our treatment, and our progress.

For example, our medical system here in the UK is very much hierarchical – We are used to doing what the doctor says and we don’t really question it because we feel like we’re not really allowed. – We think that we don’t need to think about why we feel the way we feel or why we have the symptoms that we have.

Being empowered around our health and our bodies and asking why is a new thing and we don’t really know how to do it. – Where do we to begin? What does that actually look like? How do we figure out our root causes?

It’s the system you’re in

It can be really helpful to know the systems that we are a part – knowing the systems doesn’t mean you’re judging them or you’re criticizing them, or even that you dislike them.

It’s just about understanding that when it comes to figuring out your root causes, the reason why you probably haven’t done it is because it’s not the system that you’ve been brought up in.

We are used to the conventional medical system. This isn’t about throwing shade on that. It’s about understanding how that system works and how you fit in with that.

When it comes to root causes and it comes to figuring out and solving the right problem within conventional medicine, it’s a system that is set up to serve millions. It has to work well as a system administratively but its goal is not a personalised approach to medicine. It’s very much like ‘Do you have XYZ?… Yes you do… Here’s the treatment protocol’

You haven’t got any help with doing it

It can be really tricky when it’s your body, your health, your energy etc know what to do and how to do it.

If there’s no support, where do you begin? 

With some help you can look at the bigger picture.

If you have other practitioners in your life like doctors, etc to lean on but oftentimes you may need to go and find it yourself.

You are not gathering data (or the right data)

If you are not gathering the right data, or maybe you just have no data.

Data points can be anything from results from medical tests like a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy that have come back clear.

It’s kind of like when you’re doing like a jigsaw puzzle… you might have three pieces in a section and have joined them together but you’ve got all the other pieces jumbled up on the floor. – You’ve not got the full picture.

Just making sure you have the right data really can give you a fuller picture.

You can get way more information than what you have right now, so you either need to collect some data, or collect the right data, or just collect even more data.

If after this episode, you still feel like you don’t know how to figure it out or feel overwhelmed or have tried and it’s not worked, you can book a clarity call with me. 

The best way I can serve you is to work with you, get labs done with you and start to see some incredible results. Let’s really get to know your body and implement a personalised protocol. Please note, these are no pressure calls – the goal is that you leave with clarity.

You can book one here – I’d love to chat with you soon.


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