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How to Deal with Chronic pain, anxiety, awful periods…when everything is ‘normal’ (Case Study 1) {214}


In today’s episode, we are going to be looking at how you deal with chronic pain, anxiety, awful periods, bad sleep, even when everything is “normal” and even when you’ve done all the tests and no one can figure out what’s wrong with you.

We are diving into the beginning of a new series over the next month or so where I dive into one of my client case studies. I’m going to be sharing what we did, what actions they took, what actually helped them, so that you can gain some real, actionable, tangible information from what we did with them, because some of what applied to them may apply to you.

You will hear more about what a holistic process looks like so that you can have hope and you can actually see that there is something else available for you.

Even just in the last few weeks, I have had two conversations with new clients where they ended our first session together and they said ‘oh my goodness. I have so much more hope now and I just feel like I’m not going to be stuck feeling awful’ – So often we are so used to tolerating feeling rubbish.

For example, if you’ve got low energy and IBS issues and you have that on a day-to-day basis, that becomes your normal. So, it’s almost like we can’t even imagine that changing and we don’t even want to sometimes because it’s too disappointing because we think that the change might not happen.

So, I want to share these stories in this series with you because they’re all really different people, at really different stages of their lives – ages, genders and health issues and they all realised that they don’t want to keep feeling like this and that they do have more power than they realise.

They came and worked with me and I’ve seen phenomenal shifts. All of these people also were hesitant about working with me from a cost perspective and all of them have said that it was totally worth the investment in terms of money and time.

I know that I personally love to hear real life stories and it’s also easy for you to listen to this podcast and think that it isn’t going to work for you but if you can actually hear some totally different real people with real s**t going on in their lives and actually how they, without being perfect, without needing to do all the things they saw change and transformation.

I know that this will give you hope! I also want to gently shake up your perspective on this. Things CAN change. This is your one precious, beautiful, glorious life and you deserve to feel good!

Today I’l be talking about a client who was in chronic pain, had lots of anxiety, poor sleep, awful periods, lots of stress and just a lot going on.

She deserves to feel good, you know? And she knew that she didn’t always know that, but she became aware that this was her one life – She didn’t want to be anxious, in pain and saying no to everything, not doing anything and having zero confidence.

I want to just give a gentle Kezia-like shake, kick up the bum in a highly empathetic, understanding fashion.

I really get how hard this is and I really hope that you feel my heart. There’s never any judgment here.


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