Super healthy diet…but struggling with eczema, fatigue & gut issues !!?? (Case Study 3) {216}

Aug 24, 2022 | Podcast

Today, we are talking about what happens when you actually do eat a really healthy whole food diet and you’re trying to exercise, you’re aware of mindfulness, you eat, when you keep a food diary, it kind of looks not perfect, but pretty good yet your symptoms are getting worse.

In this case study, this particular client’s eczema was getting worse and worse.

She was getting more and more tired, she was still having gut issues, she had anxiety but she was eating probably healthier than most people around her.

So, what’s the deal?

This is a common problem and this is really where a holistic approach shines because the food that you eat is super important

I’m a nutritionist and yes, if you work with me, we’re going to implement nutritional science because food is so powerful, but it is not the only answer. Your body is a complex system.

It’s an ecosystem with lots of stuff going on and the food that you eat is a massive input, but actually it’s not just about what you eat.

It’s about what you digest.
It’s about your nervous system.
It’s about your sleep quality.
It’s about your nutrient status.

These things all play a role.

So, yes, food is super important, but you can still be struggling, your symptoms can be getting worse, you could be feeling terrible, but still eating whatever you think is a healthy diet and following healthy guidelines.

Or you might be eating healthy whole foods, but it’s not healthy for you.

You might be eating a healthy whole food, plant-based diet, and it’s making you sick.

You might be eating a whole food, Ketogenic diet and it might be making you sicker because this isn’t about applying a formula or whatever formula is the most popular/most blogged about or Instagrammed about.

It isn’t what’s going to help you see results.

What is going to help you see results is figuring out how to eat in a way that serves you, your body, your biology, your life, your gut health, your hormones, your genetics, and that is something that you’re not going to find on a Google search.

So, that’s what we’re diving into in this episode. I hope you’re enjoying these stories. The reason I’m sharing these with you is because these are stories of hope.

There is often this assumption that in order to create change in your health/body and to feel good that you have to muster up loads of energy, self-control and self-discipline and that you have to change everything / It’s this massive project / It’s a complete overhaul / It’s all or nothing. But all of that is total BS.

You don’t need loads of self control.

You don’t need to overhaul every single item in your life.

Sometimes with some clients, we do overhaul a lot, depending on where they’re at. For example, I’ve had clients come to me that basically eat sugar and alcohol and carbs. That’s their diet so for them it is a big overhaul.

We’ll introduce protein, deal with the sugar addiction, and address alcohol consumption.

But most of the people I work with, we’re not totally overhauling their diet.

Whereas most of the time we actually make little tweaks here and there that can just make the world of difference,

When you are strategic and you know what the key problems are, you actually can do less stuff, take less action yet, see more results than you’ve seen in the past year, 2 years, 3 years or 10 years, because the action you are taking is really articulate and it’s actually solving the right problem.


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