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Your Body is a Temple…but what does that mean? {220}


We are kicking off a new series and this series is going to be exciting!

I’m going to share both the science and the sacred practices that are going to transform your health and give you results with more speed and more ease.

It’s all about your body being a temple and blending the science and this holistic approach to your body.

Your body is a temple. Well, is it, is it really? And what does that actually mean? What does that look like on a Monday morning?

This is something I do really naturally and I’m really good at, but I know from working with so many people that a lot of the time we might have this idea that our body is a temple, but really we have no practical grounding for that. We don’t know how to ground that into daily practical action. 

I could also call this series the how to sort out your nervous system series because essentially that is a little bit of what we’re talking about, but I’m gonna be sharing some of my more personal and vulnerable stories and look at what I know to be true.

And that is that your body is a temple. It is divine. It’s not just flesh and bone. There’s mind, body, soul, and yes, the food that you eat matters, but the reason you make those food choices is:

  • because of these soul connections.
  • because of these beliefs.
  • because of these thoughts about how valuable and how precious your life is.
  • because you know your uniqueness and you can own that.

You know the role that you have here and you know that you’re precious and that you’re cared for and worthy. So, of course, you’re going to eat in a way that aligns with that.

That is a really different approach to ‘I really shouldn’t eat gluten’

You know? Do you feel how different the energy is? Kezia said ‘I shouldn’t eat sugar’ versus ‘I am a temple. I have been filled with creative life and spirit and soul’ (whatever your beliefs or religious beliefs or non religious beliefs are, are all welcome here.).

‘I am this precious divine child of God, here uniquely on this earth at this time to be and do unique and glorious and beautiful and simple and small things.’

Of course, I’m gonna make food choices based on that. Of course, I’m going to eat in a way that supports that. It’s a really different approach.

— — —

I have decided that I’ll be running an in person luxury Scottish retreat at the end of this year in probably in November (I’m still ironing out the details)

It’s going to be called ‘The SHIFT Retreat’

It will be a really small intimate, powerful group, with completely homemade organic food. It will be about the integration of this way of looking at a whole person approach of this science and the holistic approach and the sacred approach and the practices.

It’s gonna be really exciting. I know a couple of you are interested already, so, if you’re interested and want to get on the waitlist, you can do that at


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