This is NOT your job….despite what you’ve been told! {223}

Oct 12, 2022 | Podcast

If you are anything like me, you’ve been told that this specific thing that I’m gonna share about in this podcast is your job to do, your role to fulfil, your thing to manage.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not. It’s not your job. You don’t have to do it.
If you are doing it, it’s probably derailing your health results. It’s probably getting in the way and keeping you stuck.

This is a message that I got and I literally just had to stop what I was doing and record this podcast cuz it felt like something that just needed to come through.

It’s a little bit more to do with some of our brain conditioning and our mindset and some of the beliefs that we have and it’s something that I have had a revelation of about my own brain and my own conditioning recently. It’s really powerful when you see the threads of this in your life and how it’s then impacting your health.

You can suddenly have a lot more compassion on yourself for maybe not having made the progress you’ve wanted to have made and also just helps you to see and understand that this is why stuff can feel hard.

It can be the reason why I can feel afraid or anxious or get really stuck or constantly self sabotage or always get in my own way or when I look back the last several years and feel like I’ve made no progress in terms of my relationship with food, my relationship with my body.

This could be why and you might feel like it resonates with you like a 100% percent, 80%, maybe 60% or maybe even just 10%. I’m pretty sure if you listen to this podcast often, there’s a part of this message that will resonate with you and will be an invitation for you to go deeper.


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