MINI #3: We all need to be reminded of this

Nov 17, 2022 | Podcast

For many people, this has been a bit of a revelation, and it’s just a really simple idea that how you feel every single day, how your body feels, how your mental health is, your motivation, the food habits you have, the way you honor your body with food, the way you move or don’t move.

All of these things, that are just that are just part of our day to day, are actually our lives. The way that you feel on a day to day basis is actually the very thing that *is* your life that makes up your whole life.

So, what I mean by this is so often people just keep putting off, dealing with their health or their food habits or whatever it is for some other point in their life – when they think everything, or will maybe be ready or sorted or something.

Whereas actually, we kind of put things off to the future without realizing that it sounds odd and very simple to say, but your life is right now in this moment, and for so many people I work with, they tolerate feeling awful for so long that when we suddenly work together and they make loads of progress, they suddenly realize, ‘Oh my goodness, I spent 10 years of my life tolerating all of these things and kept pushing it forward, pushing it forward, push to some time in the future when they have more money or when they have more time.

When the kids are older. When, then, when, then, when, then. Whereas your health and your body is your life.


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