MINI #6: If you have ever created or birthed a child – Listen to THIS

Dec 8, 2022 | Podcast

I wanna share some thoughts for anybody that has made a human being in their body and I just wanna remind you of a couple of things because as a holistic nutritionist, I see lots of patterns, work with lots of people, and I just have a couple of reflections offerings to give to you for you to reflect on specifically if you have ever made a human being in your body and been pregnant.

Pregnancy and the act of creating a human being who has never existed before in your body and consuming, growing, hosting, birthing, and then potentially sustaining if you are able to or choose to. Breastfeed is a massively depleting process and the more children you have, the more compounding depletions you can create and culturally, I see this all the time with my clients, is that having children, whilst it’s something they maybe chose and brings them joy and is of really positive things in lots of ways, is actually a massive trigger and sometimes mediating factor for their health issues.

Creating, making, birthing and sustaining children is a massive, massive use of energy but we have this ‘bounce back’ culture, which is total BS and I think most of us don’t realise how big a deal creating a new human body who has never existed before.

As much as we love our babies, they do act like parasites. They need calcium, they’ll take it from your bones, they will take all your reserves physically in terms of your vitamins, nutrients, reserves. Then emotionally, whatever reserves you have left, they will take and then when they arrive, there’s no recovery, it’s sleep deprivation, it’s feeding issues, etc. As they get older, then the challenges shift, but it’s still challenging.

Now, this isn’t to complain. Like I went into motherhood eyes as wide open as they could be. I knew it was gonna be one of the most challenging testing periods of my entire life, and it definitely has been.

But the thing we forget is sometimes, and this often means we go around wondering why we feel unwell, why we’re tired, why our thyroid’s gone, why we’re bloated, why our gut health is awful, why we’re depressed, why we’re anxious and we fail to acknowledge the massive output that we have and often continually give to our children.

And if you have ever had children, it’s really important wherever you’re at now (I work on this with clients like seven years after they’ve had kids) is that you have periods of time where you intentionally replenish, where you nourish, where you replete those nutrients that have gone where you replete that sleep deprivation where you add back in and for each child that you have had.

So if you had four kids, how much chunks of time have you deliberately, intentionally had where you have replenished your sleep, replenished your nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, where you have gone in and done any work within your mind that might have come up with a traumatic birth or whatever. All that stuff that can come up. (Your psychology)

Have you done that intentional healing, replenishing time? Most people haven’t and then it compounds and as they go on, they get sicker, more tired, more anxious, more depressed, their thyroid goes, the belly goes until they reach crisis point.

So, I just want to encourage you. First of all, making human is a massive deal. It’s incredible. Hopefully it’s something you chose to do, but we’ve gotta give ourselves some compassion of how depleting that is.

The next thing is, have you intentionally had long periods of time? I would argue as long as it took to grow, said humans.

So thinking about nine to 10 months of intentional impact on your whole system, your gut, your hormones, your detoxing, your nutrients, your vitamins, your minerals, your psychology, your sleep.

Have you done that? And you might immediately think, ‘Kezia, what planet are you on? I’m looking after a tiny child.’ Like doing this stuff is just a luxury and I would argue that: No, that’s not a luxury. That is brainwashing that we have had as mothers, that we are to be Martyrs, left on the altar for our children.

And culturally, we’re not given permission and sometimes we also just don’t know how. So, that’s what I help a lot of people with but I just want to encourage you to look after yourself, acknowledge the massive, massive contribution and creation that you have done.

So, I challenge you: Have you replenished? Have you replenished from having kids?


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