Gut Health Basics – How It Works & Why It’s so Important {232}

Dec 13, 2022 | Podcast

Let’s talk about digestion. What I’m going to be looking at is giving you a good overview of what digestion is and also like the secrets to good digestion.

So what are the basics to having really optimal and also why that’s even important.

Because it’s a fundamental part of the practice that I do with clients because it makes a really big difference if their digestion is off.

Now, the first thing to note about digestion is this isn’t only applicable to you if you have digestive issues. So, maybe you are listening to this if you have IBS or you look really bloated at the end of the day and you would kind of, you know, you might be thinking that you need to work on your digestion.

But even if, for example, you have an autoimmune issue, actually, then what we really need to work on is digestion.

Maybe you have skin issues, maybe it’s acne, psoriasis, eczema, random rashes, or skin infections. Again, we need to really look at digestion and digestive function.

Whatever kind of issue you’re facing, digestion is a really, really important part of our wellbeing as human beings, because the point of digestion is to take and extract nutrients and certain kind of compounds in order to use them in the body.

You need to support your digestion and it could be causing you problems even if you don’t have digestive symptoms. So with all my clients, we’ll always support the digestive process, even if the main reason they’re coming to me is because they have really bad eczema, for example.

Then we’ll still look at optimizing digestion. So, I just want to make that really, really clear from the get go. But what I really wanna look at in this episode is just getting super specific about ways that you can really optimize your digestion and looking at some of the basic functions of this thing called digestion that we need to make sure is working well and the practical things you can do.

I’ve got six different points to go through and so by the end of this podcast, you should have a really clear idea of what might be going wrong with your digestion, if you suspect that, and also ways that you can really support it.
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