MINI #7: Remember Your Power

Dec 15, 2022 | Podcast

A quick thought for the day and a reminder to you.

What I’ve learnt after 6/7 years of working with clients and what I’ve realised is this, is that we have way more power and we can have way more impact than we can ever realise, and we currently realise, or ever been told.

Often, when it comes to our health, what we’re taught growing up, what I was taught growing up is that you give your power and authority for your body and health to somebody else who’s better trained and there is some wisdom in that but what we know now and what I know from just working with clients and from seeing their transformation but also what we can see in the data is that when you look at nutritional science, when you look at

  • lifestyle changes
  • whole person approaches and functional medicine
  • someone’s whole life
  • the regular choices, the day-to-day things
  • what you eat on a day-to-day basis
  • how well you sleep
  • how you deal with stress management
  • community relationships
  • the environment in which you live in
  • toxin exposure (and there’s even research coming in about EMFs and all those kinds of things)

Those things have a massive impact and those are all things that we have a choice over.

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Resources Mentioned

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  • Looking for free-from recipes? Then check out all my yummy recipe here

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