MINI #8: Food is Data

Dec 22, 2022 | Podcast

This episode is an invitation for you when it comes to thinking about food.

When it comes to food, every time that you eat something, think about it like you’re giving your body some data – Like little data messages going into your body every time you eat something and depending on your food choices, on your unique body, what your body needs, what you need to support, what systems you need to bolster, maybe you need to boost your immune system.

Maybe you need to support your digestion and hormones. Maybe you need support for all of it like a lot of my clients. The food that you eat can really add to that.

It can give your body a message that’s really supportive. It can add data, it can be a data input that’s really going to help all your systems run more optimally and smoothly.

Or the data that you have, the food that you input can add extra strain and stress onto your body. So, it can be really helpful to think about what is the general input I’m giving? What is the general data message? Is it processed and adding burden onto my body? Or am I giving my body literal ingredients and data points that really help to reduce inflammation and create the kind of life that I want to live.

The reason we eat food is because your body needs certain vitamins and amino acids that it cannot create and cannot store itself. The food that you eat is so critical to your existence. So, it can be really helpful if you’re struggling with your health to just really look at and become aware of your relationship to food.

Become aware of how much power it has and how powerful you are in that relationship because the food that you eat on a daily basis can either really drive the kind of life you want to live and really promote the kind of biology that you need to deal with.

Whatever health issues you have or the food that you can eat can add a whole other layer of burden and toxicity depending on what’s going on and a really helpful way to look at that is to look at it like data.

What data’s going into my body? What messages am I giving my body? How hard am I making things for my body? Or how much am I supporting my body with the food that I eat?

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