MINI #9: Approach Your Symptoms With LOGIC & Why Do We Treat Our Toilets Better Than Our Bodies?

Dec 29, 2022 | Podcast

In this episode, I want to point out how often we take better care of our bathrooms or our cars or our iPhones than we do our body.

We often have a really logical response to the toilet being broken. You either have the knowledge and you fix it yourself, and you see that progress: The toilet was broken. Now it’s fixed. Boom, great.

Or you will get help with figuring out what the root cause is. You don’t just think, ‘Oh, maybe I’ll put some bleach down the toilet’ – That’s maybe the problem. No, you find out what the problem is.

But so often when it comes to our bodies and our health, we don’t do that.

Which is when you realise it, you think that’s very weird and really illogical. So many people that I work with are trying to fix their metaphorical bathroom when they don’t have the skills.

They don’t know what the problem is, and they’ve never had proper investigation work. Like they don’t actually know what problem they’re trying to solve.

And for some reason, (and we won’t even go into all the potential reasons for why we have this really different response to our bodies.

If you are wanting to feel better in your body and you’re struggling and you know there’s a problem like bloating, gut issues, weird weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, awful hormonal symptoms, or skin issues.

These are all your “bathroom leaks” – There’s a problem that’s obvious. Maybe you have an autoimmune diagnosis, maybe you’re getting stuff investigated just now, but you know there’s a problem. You just don’t know what’s going on but so often people put effort into their diet, into their health and investing money or time, but they actually don’t even know what the key problem or often key problems are.

So it’s really time that we started to approach our bodies and our health, just like we would do our homes, just like you would do if your iPhone stopped working, you’re not going to suddenly try and just fix your iPhone. You don’t know how the iPhone works. You’ll take it to someone, try and figure out what the problem was, and then get it fixed.

I think sometimes we get really overwhelmed by our bodies and albeit our bodies are far more complicated than an iPhone for sure, or a bathroom is more complex systems going on.

We often just get really overwhelmed and paralysed then don’t take any action. Whereas if we can really apply this way of thinking and just realise that we need support to figure it out.

So I want to encourage you to think…

Am I treating my body as well as I treat other items in my home?

Am I treating my body with the same logic, the same strategy, and the same care?

Am I giving myself permission to feel better, to heal, to actually get support to know what the problem is?

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