You are what you DIGEST & tips for improving gut health {235}

Jan 3, 2023 | Podcast

You are what you digest. That is the topic we’re looking at today. So, before we dive into that, I just want to paint a little picture and see if this resonates with you.

If you listen to this podcast, you’re obviously interested and mindful of your health and want to improve it and maintain it. You’re aware that what you eat matters. You may have a couple of health issues going on and you may feel slightly unsatisfied at the kind of conventional root that you’ve been given or you want to add and supercharge the conventional approach with some holistic approaches and nutrition.

You know that what you eat is important. You have a bookshelf with some recipe books that are good. You may listen to other podcasts in the health space, and you feel like you’ve probably made some good changes to your diet.

You still feel tired. You still get bloated. You may still have hormonal issues. That change that you saw when you initially ditched gluten or sugar or whatever it is, was significant and amazing, but you’ve not really seen an overall full change.

But you still feel that kind of wading through treacle. That feeling which is all totally normal. This is a problem that I see a lot when I chat to clients about working with them. They come to me a little bit confused. They have seen improvement and they feel like they’re eating relatively well, but they’re still feeling a bit rubbish.

And the reason for this would be coming down to today’s topic, which is ‘You are what you digest’

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