Your health is a radical revolution…which is maybe why it feels HARD AF! (Ep 269)

Nov 8, 2023 | Podcast

Today we are talking about why your health is a radical revolution and why potentially it’s feeling hard to change your habits, to change your routines, to create healthy changes that actually last and it’s not because you lack self-control, it’s not because you’re useless or a failure or have lack of discipline. It’s probably something much deeper and more systemic than that and that is what we’re going through in this week’s podcast, so, get ready to feel inspired, motivated.

This also might trigger off some slight righteous rage which is all okay so you know you might need to feel some feelings after this but I really hope that this inspires you to have more compassion on yourself because I think when you are kind and compassionate on yourself.

This is kind of what really makes me different as a holistic nutritionist. This isn’t about ‘do this plan and work harder’ it’s really about understanding what’s going on in your body in a really holistic sense and then having compassion because you have that understanding and that is what allows you to take a line to strategic and consistent action.

It’s why my clients see incredible results and I want to share that with you today.

I hope you’re ready to be inspired.



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