The beliefs that are holding you back (Ep 299)

Jun 5, 2024 | Podcast

In this episode, we are looking at beliefs because as a Nutritionist and Coach, I’ve worked with loads of people over the years and I spend the majority of my time with clients looking at what actions they can take, what tweaks can we make, what habits can we shift, what foods can we add in, etc. – We create a personalised plan of action.

But taking the right kind of healing, wonderful actions that you need in order to be your most radiant, confident, energized, infused, calm, peaceful, happy self actually requires certain beliefs in order to take that action. This is a thing that people often miss.

They blame themselves because they just can’t stop eating the sugar and bread or they can’t seem to meditate and they just blame the fact that they’re not taking the “right” actions. 

Sometimes you’re not taking the right actions because you don’t know what they are (and if that’s the case you need to book your Well Woman Audit).

Or sometimes you know what the right action is but you are still not able to do it which is where it goes deeper and we need to review your beliefs.


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