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If you’re stuck feeling crappy, bloated and with energy that feels like it’s constantly plummeting then sugar could be the issue.


But my guess is that you already know that right?


Maybe you have heard some of the latest research around the impact that refined sugar can have on our immune system, weight, energy, and other health issues but you feel like living a sugar-free life would just be impossible!


You know your belly is in need of some attention, your energy SUCKS and suspect that your extra weight you’re carrying is due to your sweet tooth. Those daily sugar cravings. Those weekly sugar binges which you always ‘promise’ yourself will be the ‘last one’….


You’ve tried to ditch it before but end up STUCK and feeling like a flabby failure.


Then I want to help you….





Over the 14 Day Sugar Challenge you can..:


  • See a massive improvement in your energy, skin, mood, sleep, and shape and strengthen your immune system to boot!
  • Ditch your addiction to refined sugar and learn what tasty foods to eat instead. 
  • Sort out your belly! Whether you need to improve digestion or ditch some wobble then your belly will definitely benefit from this challenge in EVERY way!
  • Keep thing simple and avoid overwhelm! This is a simple 2 step system to help you ditch the refined sugar and create one naturally sweet life.
  • Feel better than you have done in years without counting calories or weighing stuff. It is a complete food re-education!!
  • Take part in the gentlest but most effective detox ever. Think happier skin, belly, hair and awesome energy.


This is for you if…

  • your energy is in the toilet!
  • know you want to feel trimmer but can’t stand faddy diets and love all things FOOD
  • are sick of being bloated
  • you are sick of always feeling under the weather
  • you’re ready to ditch dieting and create a healthy LIFE!


This is NOT for you if..

  • you have been diagnosed with diabetes
  • you have no interest in making your own food
  • you use your oven to store Tupperware…



But how do you REALLY know if sugar is a problem for you, that you really are addicted?


Well here are some of the top indicators – see how many out of 8 you get….

  1. regular thrush and/or athletes foot
  2. low energy and big energy crashes in the afternoon
  3. dull or problematic skin
  4. bloating and other digestive issues (bad bacteria loves sugar!)
  5. IBS
  6. low mood and struggles with depression
  7. autoimmune conditions 
  8. always have a cold, flu or mouth ulcers etc


If you ‘scored’ more that 3/8 then there could be a good chance that sugar is not doing you any good…


Sure you could carry on feeling BLAH, bloated and with one unhappy belly

…….or you could take action and learn my simple method for Beating the Sweet!





(Enrolment closes Sunday 8th April –  @ 12 noon)


All about me…

choc spoon - smallYou see I used to be sad sick and stuck on the loo!
I ended the day bloated and uncomfortable, hated my body and found knowing what to eat in order to ‘be healthy’ SO STRESSFUL.
I tried dieting and felt like crap. I followed all the standard advice out there and it got me nowhere….
Until I learned that food (the love of my life) could really be my medicine and have never looked back. 







How the 14-Day Challenge works…

You see my guess is that you already know refined sugar is not doing you any favours but you are probably struggling to know how exactly to ditch it without turning into a boring old fart who only eats celery.

Live a life without pudding and cake??? Heck NO!

You just need to ditch the addiction and then create on naturally sweet LIFE!


Over the 14 days, through this program, I will guide you through my 2 step system of:

  1. Cleanse – this is where we learn the extent of your sugar issues and learn what to eat instead.
  2. Heal & Enjoy – this is where we focus on ADDING in lots of healing food to help your body THRIVE!



What is included?

  • Beat the Sweet eGuide with 25+ recipes and everything you need to ditch sugar for good.
  • x2 Weekly snack recipes and shopping list PLUS optional meal plans each week to save you time.
  • x2 Online coaching sessions over the 14 days 
  • Daily support in Facebook group – you’re never alone!
  • Weekly emails, coaching videos, recipes & TONS more.
  • A new healthy habit that lasts for life!


The program kicks off Monday 9th April!


Cost  – how to sign up!


I want to make this SUPER affordable and at just £59 NOW JUST £20  for access this challenge is the perfect way to see some BIG results at a LOW price with this online group program.


£59 – NOW just £20 

(Enrolment closes Sunday 8th April –  @ 12 noon)





Get totally equipped to live one energised,

free and naturally sweet LIFE!







Mmmmm what will you eat?

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Is it suitable for vegetarians?

 Yes – all the recipes and optional meal plans have veggies options.


Is it family friendly?

Of course – this program focus on eating normal whoel food meal and jsut being mindful of sugary snacks and puddings.


I am breast feeding – is it suitable?

Obviousyl check this throguh with your healthcare providers but this is a whole food based program and not restrictive in calories at all. And its focus on healthy fat and protein is often fabulous for milk supply 😉


Can men join?

Of course- men you are very welcome! Just note it will be predominantly female in the program but if you’re ok with that then you are most welcome!



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Want to create your own sugar-free success story? The join the challenge today!



£59 – NOW just £20 

(Enrolment closes Sunday 8th April –  @ 12 noon)











£59 – NOW just £20 

(Enrolment closes Sunday 8th April –  @ 12 noon)