Belly Bliss Program






Living with digestive upset and tummy trouble every day is NOT FUN.

Feeling sluggish after every meal – no matter how ‘healthy‘ it is insanely frustrating!

Plus not to mention the embarrassing wind (from either end) and the wild bowel issues that plague your daily routines.


Maybe its time to end this madness and get some one to one support so you can create some Belly Bliss…


What is it?

Belly Bliss is a 8-12 week* one to one coaching program where I  support you in our private sessions to optimise and heal your body.

*everyone gets to go at their own pace! 

You get complete one to one bespoke support over several private sessions PLUS added daily support from the small Belly Bliss Community Coaching Group.


Together we aim to get to the ROOT of the issue and finding out why your body is behaving in the way it is.


Throughout the program, I will personally coach you through my 4 step system which I tweak and adjust according to your needs.


  • Step 1Flourishing Foundations. We implement some key foundation and find out if you have any food intolerances to things like dairy, gluten, grain, sugar, eggs etc
  • Step 2Cleanse. Here we dial it up and looking at removing any pathogen, parasite or bacteria from the body
  • Step 3Repair. This is all about adding in lots of super yummy healing food to supercharge gut healing
  • Step 4Rebuild. This is where we focus on adding in really good bacteria that will help establish the correct ecosystem that will keep your belly healthy in the long run. (No, probiotics should not be used willy-nilly!)



Ok so let’s get real… what is this going to do for you?

This is not some wishy-washy ‘let’s get generally get a bit healthier‘ program where I tell you so stop eating crisps……




A flatter belly and clothes fitting better than they have in ages.

Think no more embarrassing wind or weird burping (that you blame of the dog or kids!)

No more bloated belly explosions… or toilet explosion for that matter!! 

No more grey, sad skin.

No more big, hot and hard belly.

No more afternoon slump and HUGE energy dips.

No more running around trying every IBS fad, pill or ‘magical cure’ – just a clear action plan made just for you.

No more overwhelm.


Just Belly Bliss!


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Why ?

Belly Bliss is about optimising your gut health and as Hippocrates, the father of medicine said ‘all disease begins in the gut’


Research* shows us that state of your gut (AKA belly) massively impacts your immune system, energy, skin, fertility, mood and so much more.

*see here for a great wee summary of the research behind this


So when your belly gets happy….everything else gets happy too 😉


Who is it for:

This tailored program is for you if:

  • You are ready to say goodbye to bloating and tummy trouble.
  • You want to feel half a stone lighter just from ditching the bloat.
  • Have been diagnosed with IBS.
  • Are regularly constipated.
  • Struggle with ongoing reflux or heartburn.
  • Have adult acne, energy issues or mild hormonal issues.
  • You’re ready to invest financially and emotionally into your health


This program is NOT for:

  • People diagnosed with any inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes or long-standing chronic health issue
  • Anyone undergoing major medical treatment such as chemo, steroid treatments or recovering from surgery etc.
  • Those healing from an eating disorder that has been active in last 2 years.
  • People who don’t have any time to make changes.
  • Those who hate cooking or have never really cooked a proper meal before.
  • Thos who are unwilling to work with other health professional and their GP alongside working with me. (AKA I alone am not your miracle fix)



Enough is enough – it’s time to take control of your health and learn how to tame that firey belly of yours!



Errrr….why should you listen to me??

img_7745-630x1024I am a holistic health coach helping fellow cake eating rebels to create one happier healthier belly.

I  love helping people heal and thrive from the inside out, focusing on reducing inflammation in the gut and helping people eat in a way that nourishes their belly. 

But more than that, I have been there and gotten the flipping t-shirt!!! Sure, I am not 100% perfect but I have gone from being sad, sick and stuck on the loo to now leading a vibrant community of people who are all learning how to have their cake and eat it, as well and get and stay healthy!

Oh yes and I love to eat cake pretty much every day…sometimes for breakfast.



I was suffering from nausea and indigestion which at it’s worst stopped me eating much for almost a week, and I seemed to be permanently bloated. I also had bad skin, PCOS and hormones all over the place (hence the skin and PCOS). 
After working with Kezia it’s much rarer now that I feel nauseous or have indigestion and the bloating is very minimal too, usually only after a big meal. My skin cleared up significantly….

 Without Kezia I would still be stuck with miserable digestion, missing out on eating so many wonderful foods and potentially making things worse by trying to figure it out myself.

I know I’m only at the start of a lifelong journey (which I am looking forward to) but you have helped me set off in the best position.
Kirsten Moore – Previous Client


What you get:

Inside this unique program you get:

  • x1 hour one to one consultation with me where we complete a full holistic health assessment where we look at what could be the root causes.
  • x3  40 min follow up one to one consultations during the 8-12 weeks to check in and ask your questions.
  • Guidance on any further tests that could be useful (additional cost).
  • A unique nutrition and lifestyle protocol to follow over 8-12 weeks and beyond.
  • Access to my vault of recipes – with 100+ recipes to hand.
  • Daily support in the Facebook Coaching Group
  • Over 8 weeks worth of meal plans ready to go to make eating simple!
  • Bonus workshops and weekly check-in system to keep you inspired and motivated.


  • When you sign up now you will also get access my Flourish eBook and other secret goodies!!
  • 3 months FREE access to the Clubhouse
  • FREE welcome snack box delivered straight to your door (UK residents only)



Your investment for one to one support …

Sorting out your belly is honestly one of the BEST investments you can make for you immediate and long term health. It impacts all aspects of your healthy and life and it’s where real transformation happens!


Your investment:.



 Hurry – there are a maximum of 10 spaces available

Doors close @ MIDNIGHT on Sunday 26th February!

The program kicks off from February 27th. Upon purchase you will be emailed a Starter Guide explaining more and inviting you to Facebook Coaching Group where more information will be shared.

Please note this is non-refundable.




Here is what Jemima, a student from Devon, a recent client said:

woman-question-markAfter a couple of serious stomach infections in 2010, during chemotherapy, I struggled with my digestion and energy levels. Even after eliminating gluten and lactose from my diet two years ago, I would go through phases of extreme fatigue and I’d still
suffer with bloating, nausea, cramping sensations and unpredictable bowel movements on most days. My sleeping pattern was all over the place and I had got to the point where I never thought I was going to have a good quality of life again. On top of all this, I often had panic attacks and stopped wanting to leave the house at all because I was scared of feeling ill.


Since starting coaching my overall health has improved. The first thing I noticed was a dramatic increase in energy, I was able to wake up several hours earlier than I normally would and I didn’t feel the need to nap in the afternoon either. Furthermore, my sleeping pattern improved and after a month or two I was able to go to bed and fall asleep before midnight on a regular basis (something I haven’t been able to do since before the age of twelve) and even if I didn’t, I still had the ability to get up the next morning.


I’ve also noticed an improvement in my stomach aches and nausea. I’m not as scared of eating anymore, and I know how to nourish my body….


 The improvement in my physical health has helped improve my anxiety and all in all I feel like I am now truly on the journey to recovery.


At first I was unsure of what the process would be like, whether it would work and whether Kezia would be able to offer anything I couldn’t just google myself! After the initial 30 minute consultation, it was very clear to me not only how knowledgable she is, but also how empathetic and supportive she is and I felt very confident making the decision to work with her.


 It seemed like a bit of a risk considering I had no idea if I’d actually feel better, but it has been completely worth it. You cannot put a price on your health, and there’s no point in having money if you’re not well enough to enjoy spending it!



More happy body stories….

10421525_10152428533715943_2757768732378902728_nI had ME for 8 years which consisted of fatigue and consistent body pain. By the time I discovered Kezia I was living a semi-normal life but always felt tired, was bloated, had pain all over my body and I couldn’t shift my Mummy tummy. I needed help!

My own journey was to eventually go completely grain free and sugar-free. Within 3 months I’d taken up exercise again because I felt like I had the capacity to and by 6 months I was 80% pain and fatigue free. I’d never felt better! 

Kezia has helped me put foundations into my life that will always remain in my journey to health. We really are what we eat! Diet fads will come and go but Kezia is the real deal – genuine wisdom, lasting help and support and fun friendship to boot! Thank you Super Naturally Healthy! “ Jules Loveland – Essex – Mum and Comm Manager


Got Questions? Scroll down for FAQ or email



“I have lost a stone and a half in the last 9 months, plus I was able to manage my hay fever without tablets this summer.  I also feel that my immune system is better as I have only had one cold since beginning the coaching- as a woman-question-markteacher I am used to regularly picking up colds from the kids so this is a big improvement.  I no longer get the early afternoon energy slump.  

I really liked the way that the coaching was tailored to our individual needs, working with Kezia has been great and she is really encouraging.  I also liked losing weight in a healthy way as I really hate the idea of faddy diets.  I feel like everything that I am eating now is actively doing me good, which is a really great feeling.

Since I have started working with Kezia, colleagues, friends and family have all commented on how well I look and how much weight I have lost.  Nobody at work noticed that I was trying to lose weight and in fact, most lunchtimes I have colleagues commenting on how delicious my lunch looks and how envious they are of what’s on my plate, compared to their sandwiches. ”
Elena – London – Teacher




 Hurry – there are a maximum of 10 spaces available
Doors close on Sunday 26th February!




So tell me again how this works?

Upon purchase you receive an email with Starter Guide. This will invite you to the Coaching Group and explain how you can book your first appointment with me. It will also have a link to the health questionnaire you must complete before our first session.

The program kicks off on January 9th so from this point onwards we will have our coaching sessions have group workshop and everything will get started.


Will you ‘fix me ‘and sort out all my tummy and health issues?

I don’t ‘fix’ anyone – I work with, support, provide clear strategies and nutritional action plans to help you optimise your digestive health. I am here to hep you the WHOLE way but you’re ultimately the one who decides what to eat and how to how to manage your life.

I cannot make guarantee’s about your unique body but boy I am here to be you health detective and together we will see positive changes in your well-being and health – for shizzle!!!

And due to this – this program is non-refundable.


Can I be vegetarian?

Of course, you can but I will say eating organic animals products is highly encouraged but we can make adaptations for ethical issues. Ideally, you’re happy to eat fish regularly as to help heal our bellies we need good protein sources.

If you have question email


 Is it family friendly?

Yes, it will be. The main meals of dinner and lunch are all traditional and family friend – things like chili, bolognese, cottage pie and sausage and chips can all be included.

Depending on your symptoms and situation I may recommend you do a 10-day cleanse which would involve eating slightly different food but this depends on the severity of symptoms and what it at the root of the issue.


Will I have to be gluten free?

If we suspect that gluten is making you feel like crap then we may remove it but if you feel hunky dory eating gluten then it will remain in your diet.(I have to say though 95% of people I work with are helped  by removing at least wheat from their diet)


What about FODMAP?

FODMAP is often what most doctors will suggest to those with things like IBS. This program is not a specific FODMAP protocol but we do take it into consideration and use it as it is the most evidence based approach to treating IBS.

I do find though that for most people FODMAPS alone helps but isn’t enough, and doesn’t address the root issues which is why I incorporate FODMAPS with other gut healing approaches.


Will I lose weight?

Yes! If you have weight to lose then as your belly and body heals the weight will naturally drop off. But if you are not overweight and are more on the slim side you may find that your body needs to put on a small amount in order to heal.


Got questions? Then simply email

Please note this is non-refundable.


Even more good stories….


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.48.42


Coaching is the best decision I ever made!  I was not being able to sleep more than 2-4 hours a night and I was at my wits end! I also got regular migraines which were pretty miserable too…

Now after a few sessions with Kezia I am sleeping through the night, wake up utterly refreshed, feel settled in myself less fractured, my migraines have massively reduced and people have noticed that I have a new spring in my step and that people keep commenting ‘keeping doing what you’re doing Bee as you are looking great!‘

Now I am heading back to the gym after 2 years and feel so much happier in my body and energy. And I feel the main important ingredient for me in seeing these changes was the on going support and connection with Kezia through our coaching. Cannot recommend it enough!! “
Bee Butcher, Reflexologist and Therapist