Fat Burn Meal Plan Bundle

Need to hit the RESET button but don’t want to eat salads and celery?

Want to accelerate weight loss & find a healthy way of eating that doesn’t rule your life?

Know that ditching the sugar and gluten is what you need but have no idea what to actually eat?

And at the end of the day you just end up TOTALLY overwhelmed eating stale crisps or frozen chips….again!


I totally get it.


Just £39 – lose weight, eat cake, & NEVER meal plan AGAIN!



We both know that eating healthy, natural and tasty meals is important.

We KNOW it’s essential for losing weight, sorting out our skin, our hormones and energy.

We KNOW we feel better when we do it (and even a little bit smug), but we just can’t seem to get our act together!

That is why I invite you to this delicious 30-day RESET Meal Plan Program – where you get to eat cake and chocolate (and obviously other foods – this is real life!) and see some fabulous results in just 30 days.


Think less bloating, smaller waist, better energy, and actually feeling FULL. Not constantly needing to graze to ‘fuel’ your energy.


Think the easiest detox you have ever done. With zero deprivation, fads or crazy ass shakes or teas.


This 30 Day Meal Plan Program focuses on anti inflammatory tasty foods that will help you become a fabulous fat burning female!


And want to know a secret I tell my clients all the time?

Feeling amazing, sorting out your belly and regaining your energy comes down to having a simple (and tasty) plan of action.


Sure you might want to lose 1/2 a stone. You want to eat real food diet that’s gluten and dairy free. You want to feel full and not have to snack all day or get hangry….


But if you don’t have a clear plan of action then it won’t happen.


That’s why I created the 30-Day Fat Burn Meal Plan Program – your seasonal plan of action to eat effortlessly healthy

….and become a fat burning machine.



Who the heck am I?

So I am Kezia (pronounced kez–eee-a) Hall and I want to be your cake eating, health cheerleader.

Before you think I am some insane internet scammer – here’s the deal. I used to be sad, sick, and stuck on the loo, with about 2 stone extra weight hanging around. I had multiple ‘random’ health issues that I was just told to live with. But I knew I wanted more so I decided to take my health and healing into my own hands.

As a holistic health coach, which a special interest in functional medicine I use researched strategies to help my clients HEAL from the inside out whilst enjoying real, tasty, whole foods. I focus on helping women balance their hormones, heal adrenal and thyroid, sort out digestion and have a NORMAL relationship with food.



NEVER Meal Plan Again! –  ONLY £39


What is it?

It is an instant download product that includes:

  • 30 days worth of meal plans including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and puddings
  • Over 45 recipes from smoothies to curry to cake!
  • Everything gluten and sugar-free with dairy-free and vegetarian options throughout
  • Seasonal – based on comforting warming foods for Autumn/Winter
  • Mega Milkshake eBook – for extra recipes to get you slurping like a 5-year-old
  • Meal Planning Mastery Workshop – now technically, you never need to plan your meals again just rotate the 4 weeks I give …but if you do I show you exactly how to do it with ease.



Who is it for?

This is for you if:

  • You want to shift that 1/2 stone or more in the next 30 days
  • Want to ditch the bloating and uncomfortable bulge
  • Know how to cook but are BORED with your meals
  • Hate meal planning and just want a clear plan of tasty meals to follow
  • Are overwhelmed at the idea of going gluten dairy and sugar-free and need some support

This is NOT for you if you are vegan or use your oven to store shoes or handbags.



NEVER Meal Plan Again! –  ONLY £39


What you will be eating…..


Dinner options- pizza, one pot sausage bake, chilli, butter chicken curry,
lasagna, beef cardamom curry, cottage pie, chorizo risotto, speedy
pesto, butternut and mushroom curry

Lunch ideas – pea coconut, french onion, and cauliflower soup, buckwheat bread,
flat bread, Moroccan humus, detox dressing for salads, kale and quinoa salad,
mackerel pate, pesto dressing, butternut salad

Treats & Puddings – courgette cheesecake, chocolate ginger energy bites,
smoked paprika chips, GF blondies, apple berry and ginger crumble, chocolate chestnut torte,
gingerbread energy squares, waffles, pumpkin choc chip bars…



NEVER Meal Plan Again! –  ONLY £39


More recipes….



I am veggies – will this work for me?
Yes there are veggies options throughout.

Is it family friendly?
Don’t worry recipe are all based around classic dishes like pizza, cottage pie, curry, lasagna, and so much more, You do not have to cook separate meals for everyone because OMG life is too short!

How many does each recipe serve?
The dinner recipes, in general, serve 2-4 each one is clearly outlined in the eBook.

How do I get it?
This is a digital downloadable product. It will be delivered to you via email after purchase.

Is it refundable?
No, not unless something disastrous happens with the technology 😉

Are shopping list included?
No – we all shop at different place, feed different amounts of people and have different preference so I don’t see the point in making them 😉



NEVER Meal Plan Again! –  ONLY £39