Adrenal Fatigue


Most of us are walking around DRAINED and TIRED.

Where no amount of sleep, coffee or sugar helps.

And maybe we think it’s just part of getting older or that we’re just ‘too busy’ but really there is often some out of whack in your bodies systems.



If you have heard of Adrenal Fatigue then you might already know what I am talking about.

But if your adrenals, that sit on top of the kidney are a little bit out of whack then, girl you are going to feel crappy.

But what do you do. How to you restore your energy and ditch the ‘I just want to sleep and be spoon fed ice-cream’ kinda vibe….???


(Click here to find out what adrenal fatigue is)


Join me, holistic health coach, for this online group coaching session where we will deep dive and create your action plan for fixing your adrenals and getting your energy back on track!



Errrrr….. but who the heck am I????

choc spoon - smallYou see I used to be sad sick and stuck on the loo!
I ended the day bloated and uncomfortable, hated my body and found knowing what to eat in order to ‘be healthy‘ SO STRESSFUL.
I tried dieting and felt like crap. I followed all the standard advice out there and it got me nowhere. Now – I am a holistic health coach with an interest in functional medicine and evidenced based practice, have happy toilet time and ever-increasing energy!


The Workshop

This instant access group coaching session where together we will dive into how you can reclaim your energy ASAP.

We will cover:

  • Why you’re tired all the time.
  • What is adrenal fatigue and how do you test for it.
  • What do you do?
  • What to eat lots of and what to avoid to get you energy back.
  • Detailed supplement recommendations.
  • Other health issues you need to look at.
  • Balancing sex hormones, digestion and so much more 
  • 2 Week Meal Plan
  • eGuide with links to supplements and resources


You will leave the workshop with a clear action plan, resources and follow-up support so you move forward and feel more awesome – ASAP!


Cost: £35