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  • Health Blast is for a one off session lasting 60 mins with follow up email support for 3 weeks.
  • Transformation is for 4 session over 2-3 months, with on going resources, email support, recipes and more. SALE NOW ON!

Can be done via phone or Skype.

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What you get:

  • A Transform eGuide
  • On going resources 
  • A holistic health assessment.
  • Email support in between appointments.
  • A wider life assessment to target wider areas for transformation in your life .
  • An expert with ten years of experience in using holistic approaches to weight loss, IBS, skin issues, energy, digestive problems and overcoming destructive approaches to eating.
  • A body you love.
  • Access to discounted supplements to help you thrive!



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Monthly Coaching Session

Health BLAST, Transformation

3 reviews for One2one Health Coaching

  1. Kezia

    “Coaching is the best decision I ever made! I was not being able to sleep more than 2-4 hours a night and I was at my wits end! I also got regular migraines which were pretty miserable too…

    Now after a few sessions with Kezia I am sleeping through the night, wake up utterly refreshed, feel settled in myself less fractured, my migraines have massively reduced and people have noticed that I have a new spring in my step and that people keep commenting ‘keeping doing what your doing Bee as you are looking great!‘

    Now I am heading back to the gym after 2 years and feel so much happier in my body and energy. And I feel the main important ingredient for me in seeing these changes was the on going support and connection with Kezia through our coaching. Cannot recommend it enough!! ”
    Bee Butcher, Reflexologist and Therapist

  2. Kezia

    “I have lost a stone and a half in the last 9 months, plus I was able to manage my hay fever without tablets this summer. I also feel that my immune system is better as I have only had one cold since beginning the coaching- as a teacher I am used to regularly picking up colds from the kids so this is a big improvement. I no longer get the early afternoon energy slump. ” Elle – Sussex – Teacher

  3. Kezia

    I had ME for 8 years which consisted of fatigue and consistent body pain. By the time I discovered Kezia I was living a semi-normal life but always felt tired, was bloated, had pain all over my body and I couldn’t shift my Mummy tummy. I needed help!
    Kezia took me on an incredibly empowering journey of looking at what I eat, why, and what could possibly be causing some of my symptoms. I never felt I was being told what to do, just empowered to make good, brave choices at my own pace. Kezia is a wealth of knowledge and insight, she is also a phenomenal champion.
    My own journey was to eventually go completely grain free and sugar free. Within 3 months I’d taken up exercise again because I felt like I had the capacity to and by 6 months I was 80% pain and fatigue free. I’d never felt better! Kezia has helped me put foundations into my life that will always remain in my journey to health. We really are what we eat! Diet fads will come and go but Kezia is the real deal – genuine wisdom, lasting help and support and fun friendship to boot! Thank you Supernaturally Healthy!

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