Kezia Hall

Holistic Nutritionist & Coach


So did you gave grand plans for your health in 2017? A smaller waist, happier hormones and endless energy….


but have ended the year making zero progress?


Are you exhausted and tired? Sure you work hard but this kind of tired just doesn’t seem to shift?


And you feel stuck?


You have no idea what works for YOUR body (none of your recipe books seem to help!) or what is getting in the way of you having happy hormones, a smaller belly or decent energy?


Is it meat, gluten, caffeine, additives, sugar, your thyroid, adrenals, food intolerance, genetics, stress, hormones……..Agghhhhh 


Then I want to invite you the 3 Day Flourish Retreat – a chance to come to my home, detox, drink cocoa, eat cake, sit in front of a fire, get massaged and get equipped with everything you need to thrive in 2018.


The Flourish {Winter} Retreat!


Because living life feeling crap is not fun. Feeling held back by your body is miserable. Being ruled by crazy toilet habits, wonky hormones or endless hunger is not a way to live.


And I have been there and done that. I spent the first half of my life sad sick and stuck in the loo. I was depressed, with chronic diaorrhia, IBS, bizarre hormones, brain fog, fatigue and more. But I had dreams, I wanted to live a beautiful life but in reality I was embarrassed about my weight, my toilet habits and body. Wearing a bikini was like the walk of shame, meal times were a reminder of my utter failure to ‘be healthy’  and fraught with stress and fear but ALL I really wanted was to… 



So I learnt how to and I have been teaching hundreds of women ever since how to do the same.  



The Retreat is over 3 days, where 3-4 women can come to my Scottish home to

  • Love their bodies to lasting weight loss or greater health
  • Get my signature blueprint of how to create one healed and healthy life 
  • Talk about all those things you need support with – funny poo’s, flabby belly, embarrassing farts, irregular or painful periods, a miserable menopause, fertility issues or auto immune issues – you will get a bespoke plan tailored to meet your own and unique needs.
  • Relax, rest, restore and reset! Think yoga, meditation, pampering, massages and MORE
  • Learn how to cook awesome meals, how to save time and how to encourage healing food into your day.
  • Nourish your body on a cellular level and become more beautiful – from the inside out!
  • To do the gentlest detox EVER that includes chocolate and eating lots of food
  • Get the low down on supplements and a bespoke supplement order (if applicable) with a 33% discount 
  • Get to try out things like an infrared sauna, fermented foods, green smoothies, broth, dry brushing, rebounding and so much more.


Basically get kick started to your best 2018!


My one to one clients have said to me over and over again ‘Kezia, can you just come and live with me?
So I am opening my beautiful home near the countryside on the outskirts of Glasgow UK to small number of women who are ready to FLOURISH in 2018.



Ready to thrive. Ready to feel beautiful?
(Psssst this would make a GREAT Christmas present too!)



About me

So I am Kezia (pronounced kezeee-a) Hall and I want to be your cake eating, health cheerleader.

Before you think I am some insane internet scammer – here’s the deal. I used to be sad, sick, and stuck on the loo, with about 2 stone extra weight hanging around. I had multiple ‘random’ health issues that I was just told to live with. But I wanted more. I wanted to feel awesome, to travel, to pursue my dream but with my confidence down the toilet (literally – 8 years of chronic diarrhea does that to you) I decided to take my health and healing into my own hands.

As a holisitic health coach, which a special interest in functional medicine I use researched strategies to help my clients HEAL from the inside out whilst enjoying real, tasty, whole foods. I focus on helping women balance their hormones, heal adrenal and thyroid, sort out digestion and have a NORMAL relationship with food.

(Professional qualifications you ask? Diplomas in nutrition, life coaching and currently finishing up my MSc in Nutritional Science and Practice – so I am FULL on health geek)


Who is it for?

Women (sorry men) who:

  • Feel FED UP and ready to make a change
  • Struggle to lose weight and see results no matter how hard you have tried
    OR just struggle to maintain healthy habits and feel good despite being happy with their weight
  • Have wonky hormones that are making there life misery…
  • Need a transformation ASAP 
  • Have a diagnosed health condition and want to know how to support it with nutritional changes
  • Just want someone (like me) to make them a plan of action so they can avoid overwhelm! 
  • Are tired…like bone tired and not sure what it feels like to feel normal
  • Feel nervous, unsure or anxious about trying new foods, changing dietary habits 


Who is not for?

  • Children and babies
  • Those recovering from recent eating disorder
  • Men
  • Pets




Ok – let’s get practical! 

This is a Fri – Sun retreat based on outskirts of Glasgow, UK and is super easy to get too as there are lots of transport links to Glasgow. (Ohh

We start at 2pm on Friday so you will need to take the Friday off and will end at 3pm on Sunday 

Dates: 23rd -25th February 2018
Location: Glasgow, UK


It includes:

  • All meals and snacks – a full organic, detoxifying, home cooked menu will be provided that will accommodate all dietary requirements but will naturally be gluten, sugar and dairy free….and delicious
  • Taster workshops – looking at raw chocolate, fermented foods, smoothies, juice and natural beauty/make-up
  • Full recipes for the weekend menu so you can cook anything again at home!
  • Personal one to one sessions with me – x 2 private sessions over the weekend
  • A bespoke plan of action for you to take forward that will be created together over the weekend
  • Testing – access to basic DIY or paid testing you can complete over the Retreat 
  • Meal plans to take home with you.
  • Cooking workshop – where I show you how to cook some yummy foods
  • An hour-long massage – oooohhhhhh
  • Full accommodation provided in double rooms!
  • Daily relaxation sessions and fire side chat
  • Follow up 30 min session to ensure you keep flourishing
  • Full health assessment before attending the retreat
  • Goodies for you to keep and take home
  • Scottish adventures into the countryside….weather permitting
Please note the rooms are NOT ensuite. Spaces are limited to 3 but additional February dates can become available if required.


So what are you waiting for?
Join me in February for my first Flourish Retreat!



It is super easy to sign up either pay in full or by x 3 payments


X2 payments of £495 – thats all for your healthiest, sexiest and BEST ever 2018!


Want to sign up? 


Hurry spaces are limited – first come first serve. 14 day money guarantee! 


It will never be at this price again – like ever. It’s the first one I have held in my home so you get in at the early bird/pilot price!




Testimonials…what previous Retreat attendees have said


Fun, relaxing, informative, good for body and soul! It has been benefical in so many ways and worth every penny. Anon


Life affirming, thought-provoking, healthy eating, mindshifting, grounding, positive, uplifting, lip smacking weekend! Thank you it was wonderful! Michelle


A very enjoyable, informative and relaxing weekend. Nourishing,  healing,  relaxing, welcoming and calming. And delicious food! It was all interesting and helpful but if I was to pick a couple of things I would say the two workshops on Saturday and the one-to-one session with Kezia. Linda




Isn’t Glasgow far?

Scotland is beautiful and truly magical but thankful Glasgow is easy to get to via plane, bus or train.


More travel info?

It can be super cheap travelling here:

Easy jet and Ryanair travels from several london and UK locations.

You can get the train to Glasgow Queen Street OR Central and then either get a taxi or public transport to the Retreat location another train to the closest train station and either walk or text me to pick you up ( it’s a 2 min drive)

If you book early you can get travel from as little as £50

The postcode is G76  and easy to get to via sat nav – parking is available outside house.


Can I share a room to make it cheaper ? 

All the beds are double beds but if you have a friend you want to share a bed/ room with them you are welcome to share a room and the price will be reduced slightly. Email info at for more info


I have allergies or specific health issues?

No problems I am the queen of accommodating for dietary and medical needs or requirements . Just email will any worries you have or book in a call here so we can chat them through.

Please note there is one downstairs bedroom but there are stairs to get to the house so it is not wheel chair friendly – sorry!






 It feels like the start of a journey rather that just a jolly weekend. I’ve encompassed my entire wellbeing and am leaving feeling inspired and proactive

Particularly loved the yoga, food and one to one very helpful for thinking about action planning. How to take responsibility and make changes for myself, to talk to myself differently. To enjoy food and slow down and consider what I’m putting in my body and what I want rather than just grabbing to fill a need. Sam