The Shift Retreat

Can I be honest? I will be the first to admit that thinking about your health, your food, and your well-being can feel hard.

I have felt overwhelmed so many times. Knowing what to eat, what to cook, what supplement to invest in, if I should eat meat, not eat meat. Start making sourdough or focus on eating steaks or mung beans or fish. Should I do yoga or run or not exercise at all – who knows!

But I know it can just feel like a lot.

Then when I when I had 3 kids in 3 years (#twinmum), plus a business, marriage, and mental health to keep alive it felt even more.

So I started to do something RADICAL.

I started to do something a bit revolutionary, and VERY uncomfortable…but also extremely DELIGHTFUL.

I started to RETREAT.

And it has become the secret ingredient to my well-being in the past 3 years.

People ask ‘how I do it all’ and the answer is I don’t do it all. I regularly take time away from my usual schedule, life, and routines to fill up my cup. 

And my hormones, my belly, my periods, my mental health, my skin, my marriage, my kids, and my business all thrive when I RETREAT.

And I am inviting you to come and Retreat with me.

Because does this sounds like you?

You wake up feeling tired even though you slept well.

You struggle to know what to eat for breakfast …even though you have read SO many books and blogs about what to eat.

You have a million habits you would love to implement – but they never seem to stick.

You are on the verge of, or in, BURNOUT and not sure how to claw your way out/

Your belly is sore, your hormones are out of whack, and your sugar/caffeine intake feels off but you’re too sick, too busy or too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

And you just need a break.

You need things to change…but you have no energy or headspace to make it happen.


Imagine if:

But imagine all of this was taken care of for you.

Imagine if you didn’t have to think about food, snacks, or ANYTHING for 3 whole days.

Imagine if your body, belly, hormones and brain were given the VIP treatment for once?

No matter what was happening in your life you knew you have 3 days in your calendar designated JUST FOR YOU.

Where you could finally take some time out, and nourish your mind, your body, and your soul with food, yoga, guided meditation, chocolate, journal and maybe a cold water dip!

Imagine feeling so rested, inspired, motivated and CLEAR.

And from this place – everything else shifted too.

You come home and find you effortlessly make different food choices, you meditated more regularly and enjoy it, you know what to focus on and this whole ‘health’ thing feels easier, simpler.

And because of this, you see your belly shift, your hormones shift, and your relationship with food shift .

You finally see the shift you have been wanting for a long time actually happen. You see it in your day-to-day choices, your periods, your skin, your mental health and your belly.

It actually changes – you become more yourself than you have ever been before!



‘I signed up for the retreat because I was desperate to feel well, for things to change with my symptoms and longing for space to be, and not just survive.

Now that its over I feel nourished, rested, cared for, worthy of time, enough even with these symptoms, with a shifted mindset to be more intentional in being kind to my body.’

Lydia (ask if I can share!)


Hi, I’m Kezia

Think of me as your health fairy godmother!

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist & Coach for Women

My mission is to help women who are fed up with feeling bloated, tired and sick of riding the hormonal rollercoaster. I work with women who are unhappy with their body and tired of constant digestive or hormonal issues.

I am here to help you undo the years of health discrimination and ‘fobbing off’ you may have received. And through my online nutrition practice, I utilize scientific and holistic practices to create personalised food, supplement and lifestyle plans that help women fix their digestion, balance their hormones & double their energy.

I want you to feel good in your clothes, and get back to living your beautiful life. I am a Mum of twin girls & a toddler. I love coffee, cake & dark chocolate and I’m here to tell you that health doesn’t have to be restrictive. You just need to know where to start.


This retreat will be your chance to take a pause from your normal life, be taken care of, cooked for, supported and gently cleanse away anything that no longer serves you.

Your job is to bet on yourself so that you can SHOW UP and allow the SHIFT to happen.


Ready for a bit of TMI?

 I literally used to be sad, sick and stuck on the loo.

 My IBS was so bad that I had loose stool and diarrhea x4-6 times a day and sometimes led to bowel incontinence. Ekkk – nothing lovely or sexy about that right? 

I was so embarrassed and stuck. I used to carry extra pants around with me just in case and planned every outing and tripled checked there would be public loos or at least a forest I could go squat in. I also struggled with anxiety, depression, thrush, joint pain, fatigue and awful periods. 

Everything changed when I figured out my root causes, learned what the problem actually was, and targeted those problems with specific food, supplements, and lifestyle changes. This is the step most people skip out – opting to head straight to a diet or changing food groups.

Now I have healthy bowels, regular pain-free periods, steady energy, more resilient mental health, zero bloating, no more IBS, and I feel SO GRATEFUL that I am not continually spiraling down the path of poor health. 

I feel better now at 35 than I did at 20 and that’s after having 3 kids in three years. I love having a period (I missed it when I was pregnant!), love my boring poo, am training for my first triathlon and I finally enjoy being in my body and eating nutritious and delicious foods.

So know wherever you are at, however impossible it feels, I know first hand, things can change.


Watch a video tour below

What are we going to do?

I will curate and carefully craft this weekend based on who is exactly coming and what I feel is best.

But this weekend will likely contain some of the following (obviously everything will be optional):

  • Homemade organic detoxing (but deliciously filling) meals, snacks, smoothies and beverages
  • Chance for you to try out new foods, teas and to sample things so you know what you like and what you don’t (think fermented foods, green smoothies, juice, tinctures, herbs, bone broth, herbal teas)
  • Personalised supplements package
  • Cold water therapy – we are near some beautiful beaches and I can guide you through this
  • Daily circle time – where we sit, circle, meditate, breathe and move together to support and on rushing our nervous system
  • Cacao ceremony (intentional hot chocolate!)
  • Yoga classes 
  • Optional – massages
  • Dance parties in the kitchen (even if it’s just me on my own!) 
  • Space to journal, rest, reflect and be in nature.
  • BONUS – follow up zoom call 2 weeks after the Retreat to see how you are doing and provide some accountability and integration support.

I will create a clear structure for you so your job will just be to show up and be nourished.


What’s Included?

  • All meals, snacks, supplements and fun things!
  • Accommodations
  • All workshops circle, trips etc
  • A Pre-Retreat (temporary) whats app group so you get to know each other before the weekend to ease nerves and anxieties.
  • A post Retreat group call to help you prepare and integrate the big transformation and so that you are not alone
  • Ongoing support from your new group of like-minded friends!
  • A personalised program and assessment.

Not included 

  • transport to venue (once signed up we can organised transfers etc from Edinburgh train station or airport if required at additional cost, so you just need to get to Edinburgh then we can arrange transport from there.)
  • lab tests or one-to-one time – this will be an option once signed up.


There are 3 types of rooms available – shared, solo double, solo double with ensuite & sea view.

  • Shared twin with large ensuite bathroom with sea view – £1100 OR a 6-month payment plan of £150
  • Solo double bedroom with shared bathroom (x2 rooms available) – £1300 OR a 6-month payment plan of £180
  • Solo Double Bedroom with ensuite and sea view (x2 rooms available) –  £1500 OR a 6-month payment plan of £220
    All payment plans require a 6-month payment plan of £300 deposit


You can pick your room type and payment option buying clicking the link above.







❤️ FAQ’s

I am a vegetarian/fussy eater/on keto etc

That’s fine – we work and can cater to everyone’s food preferences and needs. Just let us know about the Retreat questionnaire. All food will be gluten and refined sugar-free with dairy free options.

Can I share a room with a friend?

Of course – just both book the shared room and then let me know via email that you want to be in together.
If you want to book a shared room solo – you’re also welcome to do so and will be paired with another Retreat attendee./future friend!

I am nervous about traveling so far/leaving my pets/kids /spending the money etc…

That is so normal. I said it was uncomfortable right?
This is going to feel uncomfortable, stretchy, and maybe even hard to do – but that doesn’t mean its not worth it or the right thing to do.
If you are very nervous then feel free to book your free call here and we can check it’s the right fit.
And for context, in the last retreat, we have one attendee who hadn’t left her local area for over 3 years due to health issues, another leaving her 4+ kids, and another who traveled with chronic health issues – and they were SO GLAD they said yes to themselves.

What will the schedule be like?

I tend to go with the flow and adapt to the people I am with but roughly it will look like:

  • 7.45 am – mediation & circle time
  • 8.30am – breakfast
  • 10am – yoga
  • 12.30 pm – lunch
  • 2 pm – journaling, workshop, or craft
  • 3 pm – cold sea dip
  • 4-5.30 pm – free time (Epsom salt baths highly encouraged!)
  • 5.30 pm – dinner
  • 7 pm – meditation & bodywork
  • All activities are optional



It’s time to create the S H I F T you’ve been craving.





Where the magic will happen!