Aprils Bundle


So this week in the Clubhouse house is IMMENSE.

We are looking at natural skin care (which inevitably means we talk about hormones again), going grain free and there is going to be a self – care challenge.

Now you don’t need to do everything, pick and choose whatever lights you up most. Treat it like a pick and mix – pick you fav’s!


Meet Amy…..

Amy is a natural skin care and acne coach over at skyntherapy.com. She will be joining us this month for a workshop and popping into the group for a few days to answer your questions about skin care, hormones, beauty stuff and more! 

Having battled with blemishes for 13 years, Amy specialises in the natural treatment of acne. Skyn.Therapy helps others to identify the root cause of their skin problems and achieve a beautiful, clear complexion for good.


>>>> Get your Skyn.Care Ritual Resource here 


Meal Plans 

A know a lot fo you have been interested in going and trying being grain free so this week is a round up of grain free recipes and meal plans. Now, this isn’t for everyone, I repeat you don’t ‘have’ to do this but it could be a fun experiment to see how it makes you feel. (Click here to find out why I don’t eat grains)

And remember this isn’t about restriction – this is about eating more for other awesome foods and finding out what makes you uniquely feel AWESOME! If you feel awesome eating porridge then DO IT!


>>> Get your Grain-Free Recipe eBook here

>>> Get your NEW 7 Day Meal Plan here


Save the date….


>>> Skincare & Hormones Workshop with Amy – Wednesday 18th April @7pm – We will be joined live by Amy and will be talking natural skin care, hormones and more! 

>>> 10 Day Self – Care ChallengeStarting Monday 10th April – a super simple where we look at main themes of self-care. It will be hosted on the FB group – with post and videos there.