Delightful Detox


Welcome to January’s Challenge!

This Delightful  Detox is about nourishing our way into 2017.

This isn’t some harsh mean detox where we will bully ourselves into submission – no no no! Its about connecting with our bodies, mind and spirits, listening and giving it what it needs.

Here is how it will roll:

Week 1: We will detox our mindset! Follow #delightfuldetox daily on Facebook group for tiny actions and questions to engage with. Plus print off the journal below to help you connect with any ‘toxins’ in your thinking đŸ˜‰

>>>>>>  Get the Detox Journal here


Week 2: We will focus on food! This will be about giving you a chance to get curious and detective like about what foods your body loves and what they don’t. The idea is to cut out all common inflammatory foods like grains, dairy, sugar and gluten for 4 days, with optional juice/soup day, to clear the slate and help you connect with what foods your body needs and what it doesn’t need!

>>>>>Get your meal plan here


Remember you don’t HAVE to follow this meal plan at all. You can make your own or do something that feels more manageable. The optional juice/soup cleanse is where you consume loads of fresh veggies juice, homemade soup, broth and simple smoothies all day and take time to rest – but only do this is you fancy it.
* If you have an history of eating disorders I would recommend to focus on mindset detox ONLY