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Esther, Edinburgh
She was suffering badly from reflux, painful bloating and other digestive problems.

After we met up, I decided it was time to make some big changes to my diet. One of things I’ve done is cut out wheat all together. I have also been taking ACV every morning. I have noticed such a difference! I have been struggling with really bad acid reflux for the past 2-3 years (ending up in hospital twice, as it felt like I was having a heart attack!). I’m now so much better – I’ve gone down from 40 mg of Omeprazole a day to 10 mg. And I am hoping not to have to take it at all soon!

Faith Dwight of, Bedford

“For the past six months, I’ve been following a nutrition plan Kezia put together for our family, and I’m a total convert.  I’m a young, busy mom with two small children, and we’re on a budget, and Kezia took all of those factors into consideration as she guided us through changes that would help with my eczema, give my husband and me more energy, help our tummies, and keep us healthier in general.  She made everything much less scary by encouraging me to make small sustainable changes and affirming me when I did.  Over time, those small changes have made big changes to how we eat and how we feel.  My eczema has cleared up (thank you, coconut oil and kefir!), my husband and I have both lost inches from our bodies and – the best part? We are eating delicious food.  I am Kezia’s biggest fan!” 

Naturally Slim Clients

Client USA:

After 4 weeks this client lost 1 STONE  lost PLUS 2 inches off of their waist hips and bust,  but not only are they seeing physical results their mindset is changing too:
‘Having the 80/20 rule (a principle of Naturally Slim) is fantastic because it allowed me to enjoy an evening of food and frivolity with my girlfriends without feeling guilt.  And… kept me from over-indulging in all the yummy, bad-for-me food.  In the past, I would have eaten WAY too much and then would have felt guilty and extra fat.’

Client Busy:

Another client lost HALF A STONE an amazing 3 INCHES from their waist alone all whilst working a crazy job! Here is what they had to say even at there half way point: 
‘Feeling pretty great for a person who had a mental week. My watch strap could do with a link being taken out and when I look in the mirror I see a work in progress rather than laziness and guilt!’

Here are some more snippets from other amazing clients who are choosing to get slim and healthy:

‘I’ve actually lost weight, got fit and enjoyed it!’ JBrown, Glasgow

‘Naturally Slim actually changes your mindsets rather than just your food!’ Anon

‘Its helped me to eat more cleanly and improve my digestion’ Anon

Blog Reader, Newcastle, suffered from chronic fatigue and depression

I started drinking kefir for my digestion too. Results of all the changes?
I have loads more energy (not fully there yet, but So much better than before)
I can exercise without completely crashing energy-wise – Whoop whoop!
And since drinking my kefir smoothies, I go to the loo for no. 2’s every day (before every 2 to 3 days so big difference there)
Also I have lost 9lbs in weight, and still going down.