What is Health Coaching?


We are so glad you asked!

Health Coaching is a unique blend of life coaching and holistic nutritional expertise that will help you transform your life, career, family, workplace and health.

 It supports and helps you to create the health and life you want. Its about transformation, fulfilling your dreams and change.

Perhaps you want to get slimmer, healthier or overcome long term health conditions?  Perhaps you want to get energised, be more in control of your eating and be courageous enough to pursue your dreams?  If so then some change is required. You are not going to get healthier and happier without implementing some change, but we don’t often like doing this do we? We find the unknown scary, daunting or overwhelming. But that is where a coach comes in.

A coach is an expert in their field (in this case wellness and holistic nutrition) but also a strategic mastermind who will support you and equip you with all the tools you need to transform your health and life. Coaches LOVE to encourage, they cheer you on along your journey and keep you accountable to your commitments and goals. They help you to make your dreams become a  daily reality. Caoching is...

Health Coaching is not about telling you what to do, or making sure you follow a set formula. It is about drawing out your dreams, goals and future hopes and giving you the tools and support to make it HAPPEN!

(Not interested in focusing on getting healthier right now? We are also trained life coaches and can help you bring transformation to any area of your life – business, relationships, careers or family. We are the experts of change!)


  • Uniqueness. No one person is the same, therefore no one set way of eating that is for everyone.
  • It needs to be fun. I mean really whats the point otherwise?
  • Nature knows best. We believe processed and artificial chemicals and food  are what harms the body, whilst food in their most natural state are what heal it.
  • Health is your responsibility. We can encourage you, give you the latest nutritional findings but ultimately it’s down to you and we seek to celebrate your unique potential to bring transformation in your health and life.

Is it For Me?

 Do you want to be healthy? Do you want brilliant energy levels, clear skin and good sleep? Do you want happy bowels, to alleviate a major illness, or finally deal with some long-standing health issues? Do you want to be part of creating healthy families, homes, workplaces and societies?

If you want to take responsibility for your health and lifestyle choices then this is for you.

 At Naturally Healthy we believe that this nation can be transformed through natural health and lifestyle choices. Do you want to be part of changing the world? Then the best place to start is with yourself.

What does a Coaching Session look like?

Coaching sessions can take place on the phone by skype, in person or through our online packages. You will decide on the best method of the session and the most suitable time for you.

For a one to one session you will receive an email explaining more about your session and any further details you need to know, then on the day you will give your coach a call or meet them in person. Your first session will be about getting to know one another, you will learn more about your coach and they will find out more about you. Then by the end of the session you will have a clear idea of future goals and strategies.  The number of sessions you have is totally up to you, check out our packages here,  but this can be discussed over the phone.

After the session you will be sent a summary of what was discussed, the goals  you set and an action plan you can implement.

For online packages see here.

Not sure?

No problem. We offer a free 30 min  Health Review  where you can ask further questions and find out if it is for you. Click here to sign up!

Will you tell me to be a Vegan or make me follow some weird diet?

At Naturally Healthy we believe that every individual is exactly that – an individual. When it comes to nutrition one size doesn’t fit all. Our bodies are all created so differently and uniquely that we must learn to listen to what they need. We equip you to listen to your body and to eat according to its needs. 

When are Coaching Session available? 

Coaching sessions are available at the following times via skype or phone. Face to face sessions can be held if you are within 5 miles of G42 postcode or are willing to travel to that vicinity

Monday: 9 – 3pm , then 6 – 8pm
Tuesday: 9 – 5pm
Thursday: 6.30 – 9pm

(Subject to change)