Summer Workshops

 Summer Workshops

Sign up for a single workshop HERE – £11

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Next LIVE workshop:

  • Monday 8th Aug – Body Fat, Body Recomposition & Shifting Body Fat – My unique F.A.S.T Belly Methodology
    7.30pm BST – all held online.

Get access to the REPLAYS

  •  How to Beat Bloating & IBSREPLAY included in the workshop bundle
  •  Balance Your Hormones: the 3 essential foundations to healthy hormones whether you are cycling, on the pill or in menopause –  REPLAY included in the workshop bundle
  • Energise: how to double your energy in 4 weeks – REPLAY included in the workshop bundle




Let’s cut to the chase – I know that you can feel better than you do right now.

I BELIEVE and know through experience (and data) that you can improve your digestion, hormones, energy, belly and gut.

I have seen client after client after client pain fade, bloating go away, energy double, periods become easy, menopause becomes no big deal, or whose skin glows rather than holds them back.

I have seen it happen.

I have seen clients finally shift weight despite years of dieting, menopause, emotional eating or very little time.

I have seen the people I work with mental health feel more stable, and resilient and watched as they pursue the things that really matter to them in their life (like their career, kids, home, or community) now that they have the health to propel them forward …instead of holding them back!

And I am so grateful that you are here {{ subscriber.first_name }} and – I assume from being on this email list – want my help.

So I am excited to announce a *BRAND NEW* Summer Schedule – a new set of offerings to help you create results in your health with more speed and ease

A way to work together so that we can ENSURE you make some incredible progress.

⭐️Cos wouldn’t it feel so good to stop stressing, googling, or feeling overwhelmed and just felt good in the body you are in?

⭐️ Imagine if you felt less frumpy, less bloated, and sluggish? What would that mean for your summer, your life?

⭐️Who would that impact? Your partner, kids, close family, friends? How would impact your earning potential and money?

⭐️What if your instant response wasn’t ‘I’m tired’ but ‘I am actually feeling really good!’


Then I would love to invite you to join me for my brand new

☀️Summer Workshops☀️


These are live workshops with a small group where we dive into specialised topics and I share with you a clear roadmap for making progress. They are designed to give you a clear plan of action, help, some personalised support, and a clear path that when applied gives you results.

I am offering 4 workshops over the summer – you can come to them all or just the one that applies to you (I obviously recommend coming to them all!)

Here is the specialised subject we are going to dive into.

  • Monday 27th June – How to Beat Bloating & IBS
  • Monday 11th July – Balance Your Hormones
  • Monday 25th July – Energise
  • Monday 8th Aug – Body Recomposition & Shifting Body Fat

Prior to the workshop, you’ll be sent a health questionnaire to fill in so I can really tailor these workshops to those attending.


You will leave the workshops:

  • Knowing more about what your root causes are
  • Have a clear plan of action, knowing what the next 2-3 action steps are for you that is going to ensure you see results within the next 2-4 weeks
  • Be able to ask your Q’s and get some personalised help.
  • Get a clear roadmap so that you know exactly what to focus on…and what to STOP doing.

And the cost…..well this is super fun.

I wanted this workshop to be accessible to all so a single workshop is just £11 OR you can come to them all for just £33.

Say whhhhhaaaatttt.

Nope – that is not a typo.

  • £11 – single workshop – SIGN UP HERE
  • £35 – workshop bundle (come to all the workshops) – SIGN UP HERE
    I highly recommend signing up for them ALL as it’s cheaper and you will a steady stream of accountability as every 2 weeks we will have a workshop and this could be a GREAT source of motivation and accountability. You will also have access to ALL the replays even if you sign up after the first workshop.And if you want FREE access to these workshop – then make sure you grab your Summer Retreat spot…but more on that below!

(And yes there will be a time-limited replay you can access)


And if we don’t know each other well…
HEY – I am a Holistic Nutritionist (and Mum/wife/coffee & cake-lover) who works with women who are fed up with feeling bloated and tired.

They’re not happy with their weight and are tired of constant digestive issues and knowing what to eat. Through my online nutrition practice, I create a nutritional and lifestyle plan that helps them fix their digestion so that they can feel good in their clothes, and get back to living their lives.

(And as well as being incredibly enthusiastic about health, I am also PROPERLY trained with a post-graduate degree in nutritional science and practice plus much more.)