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Homemade Organic Ghee

Kezia Hall
Servings 500 mls


  • 750 g unsalted organic butter


  • 1. Place the butter, roughly chopped, into a pan on a low heat and allow to melt.
  • 2. Once melted bring to a simmer.
  • 3. Once the butter has foamed with should start to curdle/separate after about 10 mins. Just keep it on a low heat and no need to stir.
  • 4. Once the liquids looks like it has separated the allow to simmer for another 5 mins on gentle heat – do keep an eye on it doesn't start to catch.
  • 5. Then take a metal sieve and cover with some muslin cloth over a large glass bowl or jug. Then pour the hot liquid into sieve and allow all the liquid to strain through.
  • 6. Throw the butter residue in the bin and you should be left with a clear it orangey liquid.
  • 7. Pour this liquid into your storage container (I used an old coconut jar that I had washed) and allow to cool.
  • 8. Store at room temp or in fridge and it should keep for a over a month is not contaminated with other foods.


It you have a lactose allergy then avoid this BUT if you have a mild dairy intolerance then you should be fine with this.
Always try to get organic – it means you don't get the hormones or drug residues that they give normal cows. Its always important to consume organic animal products where possible as fat is where we mammals store toxins.
Adapted from Nom Nom Paleo