About me

You feel a bit stuck and SUPER frustrated.

You love food, can pretty much cook and whip up a cake with some flourish. You’re aware of what food you should be eating but can’t seem to say no to cake, crisps and glasses of wine.

You want to eat healthy whole foods but the reality is you survive off of sugar, caffeine and too much processed food.  And your energy, stomach and well-being is suffering.


You feel bloated all the time and your energy is in the toilet (maybe literally!!).


But it’s so overwhelming – you feel a little bit bombarded with all the information. You have recipes books, blogs and friends all telling you different things – what do you eat!!

Plus you’re busy (life can be hectic!) and you want to eat not just healthy food but delicious, enjoyable foods that make you happy. You also still want to eat cake and chocolate occasionally too because #reallife.

And hey – I totally get it and have been there.


I’m Kezia Hall, a Holistic Nutritionist & Coach for women who are fed up of feeling bloated and tired.

They’re not happy with their weight and are tired of constant digestive issues and knowing what to eat. I create a nutritional and lifestyle plan that helps them fix their digestion, hormones and mental health, so that they can feel good in their clothes, and get back to living their lives.



You see, I was never the healthiest kid growing up.

Constantly sniffling, downing banana-flavoured antibiotics between trips to the Doctors. There was a lot of childhood trauma and abuse (that I only remembered the horrid details of in my 30’s), constant stomach issues, tonsillitis, skin issues and being that sensitive anxious child. I worried about everything and spent so much time running to the toilet that it became a bit of a joke in the family (especially during one road trip across California – they joked I visited every toilet in the state!)

And I loved food! Mars bar ice creams, apple pies and chips made in our family’s deep fat fryer, mini pizza’s or ketchup sandwiches (yes they’re a thing. White bread, margarine and ketchup – nutritious right?). Food was about fun, family and friends. But I also learned early on that food was comfort from the bullies and childhood trauma and that it was something to obsess over.

Weight became a ‘thing’ early on too. I was called fat at school and fat I became, so I joined a popular diet cub age 11. I counted tracked and went to weekly weigh in’s which involved lots of clapping and confessions of eating too many chocolate bars and crisps. By the time I hit teenage years my relationship with food was twisted and my health was getting worse. By the time I was at university for my undergraduate degree, I would describe myself as sad, sick and stuck on the toilet.


Are you ready for TMI?

I was tired, diagnosed depressed, constantly anxious, bloated and pregnant looking everyday, had hormonal issues, joint pain, IBS and chronic diarrhea that often caused incontinence (a bit of a confidence killer no?). Doctors tested me, thinking I had Chron’s disease but turned out everything was ‘normal’. I was so frustrated. Everyone told me I was fine but I didn’t feel fine. I came across as a confident outgoing person but I was SO embarrassed by my health, my body, and my feelings.

But the thing was, I had big dreams–and I still do. I wanted to visit India, Cambodia, South Africa. I wanted to live abroad, climb mountains, rock climb, do a triathlon, road trip across America (without visiting every single toilet) and one day have a healthy family. But I knew that I couldn’t do that if I was sad, sick and stuck on the loo.


I just wanted to live my life! And my health was getting in the way of that.

I decided that I was done with being a victim of my health. I was done with waiting for someone else to create a magic pill to fix me. I was going to heal…I just needed to find out how!

And that is how all my nutrition and health geekery began. I researched, read books, chatted to people and because my main issues were with digestion – it made sense to me that the food I ate was impacting it negatively. I first ditched standard dairy and then started to address my sugar addiction (growing up on Mars Bar Ice Cream would do that to you!). And you know what – step by step I began to feel better!  I was by no means perfect and definitely had moments where I dived into bags of Giant Chocolate buttons…but I made progress.

I learned about digestion, inflammation and energy production. I finally started eating fat after spending my ‘dieting years’ living off of zero fat Muller lite yogurts. I started to eat MORE food and removed foods that made me feel crap. I learned to love my body and settled at a healthy weight. Step by step, meal by meal I began to heal and feel happy.


Food had become my medicine.

Then after relocating after getting married, I decided to try something out. I started a little blog with terrible graphics and poor spelling…but people read it! People started to ask me all about nutrition and I realised I LOVED helping them. So I retrained, left my previous career behind as an artist and dove in. After years of postgraduate study and clinical practice, I am now a Holistic Nutritionist who has helped hundreds of women get their energy and body back.

And more than that, I practice what I preach and have created a healthy life I love. I can thankfully say I poop normally, am rarely bloated, ditched the IBS, I can run and swim and cycle with no pain, am no longer depressed, eat cake and chocolate regularly, have traveled the world and had no issues conceiving my children (in fact I over achieved with my twins!) Eating healthily feels joyful for me.

And honestly, I used to think this was impossible.

But now I am convinced that we can ALL use food as a powerful (and tasty) tool to live the lives we want to live and do the things we’ve always dreamed of.

Because when we have our health – the world is our playground!

And that’s what I do today. I have an online nutrition practice where I help women across the world use food as medicine. Women (and some men too) come to me to deal with their PCOS, IBS, chronic fatigue, bloating, depression, hormonal imbalance or excess weight  and we figure out a plan that will get them feeling energised and healthy – so they can get back to raising their children, killing it at their career and traveling the world!

I love it when clients send me pictures of the babies they thought they wouldn’t have, hear about the jobs they never thought they would go for (or have the energy to do!), or even just have the energy to enjoy the holiday and hobbies they have always loved.

I have even had clients send me pictures of their healthy poo’s – which I will confess I love because healthy poo’s after a lifetime of toilet drama is SUCH a gift 😉 (I did warn you about the TMI )

I’d love to help you find your way to health and healing – click HERE to book your FREE Holistic Health assessment >>>

Random Facts About Me

  • I gave birth to 3 kids in 2 years #twinmum.
  • I love eating onions. Cooked in ghee or coconut oil and OMG best thing ever!
  • My first 10 jobs mainly involved taking people to the toilet and serving tea (not at the same time I might add)
  • I live with Complex PTSD due to various events from my childhood so I have learned how to support my brain and body so that I thrive rather than survive. (And this has massively informed my own clinical practice)
  • The man of my dreams (AKA husband) is born on the exact day, month and year as me …weird!
  • I spend a lot of time dancing (poorly) around my house.
  • I am obsessed with gut health, poop, hormones and genetics. I stay up late reading books about it and think it is the root of most health issues.
  • I believe that we are more powerful than we realise & taking radical responsibility for our choices, emotions, beliefs and lives is maybe one of the hardest things to do but also the most liberating …and the secret sauce to getting the things you want.
  • Before starting this business… I worked as an artist in the community and for many charities that worked with the more disenfranchised of our society. I just love people….and making stuff.
  • I lived in Italy for 6 months – that is where the coffee and ice cream addiction began.
  • I have a very realistic pillow of a cat called Bernard (as seen above)  which I often talk to…but I actually hate real life cats. Weird.

My Clinical Approach:

  • You Are What You Digest – eating kale all the time won’t do you any good if you can’t digest it! Optimising digestion is essential.
  • Test don’t guess – I offer a range of functional private tests (stool tests, hormone panels, thyroid tests, organic acid tests etc) with all my clients so that we get real individualized data on their body. And FYI this is a GAME CHANGER!
  • Food is a powerful medicine – I don’t follow a set diet or approach but I blend both an science-led and intuitive approach to eating – that works for each individual’s own needs.
  • Health at Every Size – weight is not the only factor to consider in health and I don’t discriminate against people in a larger body but help my clients pursue health above weight. Weight loss happens with my clients but it’s not the sole focus. I don’t ask clients to regularly weigh or measure themselves and I track other metrics that I believe that when you heal the body – it will find its healthy weight.
  • ‘Why?’ – this is the question I ask. Why is there PCOS, IBS, bloating, fatigue, weight gain or depression and what can we do about it?
  • Evidence-based – I studied for 2 years at a postgraduate level to gain critical appraisal skills and research application into my clinical practice. I regularly practice continuing professional development and am constantly learning so my clients can see better and quicker results.
  • Divine Health & Wholeness – I also believe we are created for health and healing and that spiritual practice is essential for wholeness and happiness.



Professional Accreditation:

  • BA Hons
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Science and Practice with Middlesex University
  • Member of British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine  (BANT) the UK professional body for Nutritionist/Nutritional Therapist
  • Member of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, a body accountable to Parliament.
  • Member of The Institute of Functional Medicine.