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Hi, I am Kezia Hall – a Holistic Nutritionist & Coach

My mission is to help women who are fed up with feeling bloated, struggling with their mood and sick of riding the hormonal rollercoaster.

I am here to help you undo the years of health discrimination and ‘fobbing off’ you may have received. And through my online nutrition practice, I utilise scientific and holistic practices to help women fix their digestion, balance their hormones & support their mental health.

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I had lots of bloating, indigestion, fatigue, diarrhea, stomach pain, joint pain, nausea, painful periods, hormonal imbalance, bad immune system and brain fog. 

Now there is much less bloating and  stomach problems…my joint pain has disappeared and I have got more energy. My immune system has never been better, my periods are rarely painful and I don’t have any heavy bleeds anymore!


“When I came to Kezia I was not great and I felt a bit despairing. Now I have more energy, much better periods, less reflux… and I feel happier about my body than I think I have ever felt as an adult!!!”


I had frequent stomach pain that restricted my daily activities, irregular bowel movements, and very low energy due to not feeling like my body was functioning properly.

Now I have regular boring bowel movements,  less pain and an overall sense of well-being 🙂

Anon – Mother & Accountant