Do you want to STOP feeling tired, bloated, fat & frumpy?

Do you DESPERATELY want to shift the fatigue, hormones issues, low mood, belly & gut issues?


Maybe you KNOW you want to shift your relationship with food or your body…but are too tired and busy to even begin?

Do you know something needs to change but no matter how much effort you put into researching or trying to eat well – nothing seems to stick?


Nothing is actually changing – despite you REALLY wanting it to.


Then you are invited…

Luxury, In-person Retreat – March 2023.


You know you want to feel better – you want more energy, a drama-free effortless relationship with food, a healthy gut, clear skin and happy hormones…

You know you need structure and tools but have no idea what those are or what that looks like and TBH are scared to try…

And you know that doing this alone isn’t fun and doesn’t work – you know you need to submerse yourself with other like-minded women and a circle of people cheering you on who GET IT and are sick of feeling like the weird healthy one in your family/circle…

And the main thing is – it’s frustrating and limiting as NOTHING seems to work so far.

And if you’re being really honest you are not quite sure what to do cos every time you research or google or read a book you get more conflicting advice. Feel more overwhelmed and feel like you are just getting more dieting advice (?!)

And the last thing you want is a disordered relationship with food! (been there done that perhaps?!)

You know everything is not ‘normal’ and that despite what others say you are not ‘fine’ –  but what are your root causes? 

🤷‍♀️ What is driving all the fatigue, bloating, auto-immunity, hormones issues, skin issues and body drama?

🤷‍♀️ Why all the sugar cravings, binge eating, bad sleep and yo-yoing? 


And you’re just too TIRED to figure this out. 

Life right now is about making it through and trying to figure this whole thing out just adds more stress, more tasks and more fatigue onto your already overwhelmed plate.



But after this Retreat & one to one support you can expect to:

  • ✅ feel lighter, brighter, trimmer and motivated
  • feel a massive improvement in your energy
  • ✅ have a flatter belly with easier digestion & poop
  • ✅ to enjoy getting dressed and enjoying your food
  • ✅ be able to feel relaxed and calm around food and health
  • ✅ know EXACTLY what to focus on and do – no more confusion or overwhelm!
  • ✅ a total shift in your relationship with food and your body
  • ✅no more tired & wired feeling


a 3-day luxury in-person Scottish retreat combining science, support & sacred practice to create lasting healing in your mind, body & soul.

I will structure a nourishing full body experience, using evidence-based and ancient tools and practices that are going to help you kick-start some BIG shifts in your mind and body.


-59Days -12Hours -31Minutes -2Seconds


Cos here’s the honest truth…

eating perfectly and taking probiotics is pointless if you are stuck in a fight/freeze/flee/fawn response.

Doing counseling and journaling is not going to help you feel good if your gut is inflamed, your energy production is poor or you are low in specific key nutrients.

Researching the perfect plan and buying all the food and pinning the meal plan on your fridge is pointless if you can’t follow through and end up giving up 3 weeks later.


You need support, you need data and you need to know how to regulate your nervous system.

You need the S H I F T.


And ‘Hi’ – I am Kezia Hall – Holistic Nutritionist & Coach, mother of 3 under 3, trauma thriver, lover of the seasons, the moon, and my period and geeky researcher obsessed with your hormones, poop and lab data. I am the queen at making this super practical, simple and effective – which is why my clients love and transform their bodies.


This retreat will be your chance to take a pause from your normal life, be taken care of, cooked for, supported and gently cleanse away anything that no longer serves you.

Your job is to bet on yourself so that you can SHOW UP and allow the SHIFT to happen.


But……what will we be actually doing?

I will curate and carefully craft this weekend based on who is exactly coming and what I feel is best.

But this weekend will likely contain some of the following (obviously everything will be optional):

  • homemade organic detoxing (but deliciously filling) meals, snacks, smoothies and beverages
  • Chance for you to try out new foods, teas and to sample things so you know what you like and what you don’t (think fermented foods, bone broth, herbal teas)
  • personalised supplements package
  • cold water therapy – we are near some beautiful beaches and I can guide you through this
  • daily circle time – where we sit, circle, meditate, breathe and move together to support and on rushing our nervous system
  • Cacao ceremony (intentional hot chocolate!)
  • Yoga classes 
  • Optional – massages
  • Dance parties in the kitchen (even if it’s just me on my own!) 
  • Options for one-to-one sessions and other healing modalities
  • Space to journal, rest, reflect and be in nature.
  • BONUS – follow up zoom call 2 weeks after the Retreat to see how you are doing and provide some accountability and integration support.

I will create a clear structure for you so your job will just be to show up and be nourished.



🏡The location 

Is a luxury estate close to Edinburgh near the sea (North Berwick), within walking distance from the beach in the east of Scotland. Edinburgh is so easy for getting the train/plane/bus and just off A1 if you drive.

It’s a spacious luxurious Scottish house with large grounds and wonderful views – perfect for sitting inside and being cosy after a cold dip perhaps (or watching me do a cold dip!) There are both shared and private rooms.

Watch a video tour below


🍪 The food

Everything will be homemade and Kezia-approved – but don’t worry this isn’t a ‘fast’ or juice cleanse. Everything will be gluten-free, and unprocessed and all dietary requirements can be catered for by my assistant.


📆The dates & times

Friday 10th March – Sunday 12th March in Scotland. The perfect time as we emerge out of winter and into spring.

Was £1500 – NOW £1334

SHIFT SALE – available until 31st January:

  • 11% discount saving over £170 with code JANUARY at checkout.
  • All accommodation, chocolate, supplements, snacks, food, and supplies during the Retreat itself
  • BONUS – one-to-one consultation program from 9th Feb with weekly check-in and a full holistic assessment and personalised plan made to ensure you see some big shifts in your symptoms in the next month before the Retreat even starts.
  • BONUS – pre & post Retreat group sessions to help with accountability.
  • BONUS – flexible payment plans – up to a 10-month payment plan so you can get started for just £142!!!!!


>>> Sign up for the Retreat HERE <<< 

Use coupon JANUARY to get 11% off at check out on all payment options. The sale ends at 8PM UK time Tuesday 31st January.


-59Days -12Hours -31Minutes -2Seconds

4 Spaces Left





The S H I F T Retreat.

It’s time to shift into the person you want to be….and it begins with the body.


Our kitchen for feasting, dancing and homemade organic food

Beautiful shared and single bedrooms with sea views


Included in the investment:

  • All meals, snacks, supplements and fun things!
  • Accommodations
  • All workshops circle, trips etc
  • A Pre-Retreat (temporary) whats app group so you get to know each other before the weekend to ease nerves and anxieties.
  • A post Retreat group call to help you prepare and integrate the big transformation and so that you are not alone
  • Ongoing support from your new group of like-minded friends!
  • A personalised program and assessment.

Not included 

  • transport to venue (once signed up we can organised transfers etc from Edinburgh train station or airport if required, so you just need to get to Edinburgh then we can arrange transport from there.)
  • lab tests or one-to-one time – this will be an option once signed up.





This is going to be POWERFUL.

But also know that change can feel scary and we ALWAYS face resistance to the things we truly desire.

Stepping through fear is part of the change, part of the transformation.

Whether is fear around spending money.

Fear of leaving your family for a few days.

Fear of being in a new space and new people.

Fear that people will think you are too old/fat/small/loud/weird.

Fear that it ‘won’t work.’

I get it. I’ve felt it all. And I know what you want is on the other side of that resistance. 

So this is your invitation to join us.

Join this circle of women for a live in-person weekend where we all create the SHIFT we want to see in our bodies and lives.


>>> Sign up for the Retreat HERE <<< 

Use coupon JANUARY to get 11% off at check out on all payment options





❤️ FAQ’s

Do I need to share a room?

There is mainly solo rooms but some shared rooms which I will sort out once everyone is booked up but there will be options for shared (which is honestly more fun than you think) and single/solo rooms

Can I get lab tests or one-to-one sessions?

Yes – there will be an option to add on some extra support at an additional cost if wanted.

What if I am vegetarian/another food requirement?

No problem – we will sort it out for you.

I want to know exactly the plan for weekend?

Well, I invite you to let go and show up. I am going to curate a wonderful ‘timetable’ for this Retreat which I will share once you arrive.

We will also have a chance for an optional zoom group call before the retreat so you can meet everyone and know what to expect

Is it refundable?

I have a 14-day refund policy. If nearer the time you can’t make the retreat you can always transfer your place to any future retreats.



It’s time to create the S H I F T you’ve been craving.


>>> Sign up HERE & use coupon JANUARY to get over £150 off at <<< 




-59Days -12Hours -31Minutes -2Seconds


Where the magic will happen!







>>> Sign up for the Retreat HERE <<< 

Use coupon JANUARY to get 11% off at check out on all payment options