A new era for women’s hormones. (Enough is enough!) (Ep 293)

Apr 24, 2024 | Podcast

Today we are talking about the new era for women’s hormones – for periods and for hormonal health because we are in a new era and enough is enough with all the shame with all the hiding. No more ‘let’s not talk about the periods’ or ‘Oh my gosh, she dropped a tampon on the floor’ and ‘we’re not talking about menopause’

We’re not talking about any of this stuff as much as we should be and enough is enough.

Did you know that your period and having female hormones is the reason humanity has existed for thousands of generations? How has it become something that is disdained, embarrassing, humiliating and ignored?

That is an atrocity in my books. So, I am just putting this out as his prophetic call. There’s a new era for women’s hormones. We’re in it now. I hope you can feel it, listening to this podcast episode because your hormones can be here to enrich your life, to enrich people’s lives around you, but mainly that your life can be great.

If you live with hormonal imbalance, it affects your whole life. I want you to live your one awesome, brilliant, beautiful, messy, imperfect, adventurous life and it’s hard to do that if you’re on a cycle of pain, anxiety, heaviness, loneliness, sluggishness.

It is hard because you’re stuck in this vicious cycle and it doesn’t need to be this way. Your hormones when they’re balanced are an asset to your humanity

As you can tell, I love talking about it so it’s gonna be like a passionate rampage of call to action and call to arms so that you can have balanced hormones because I really do want that for you.


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