7 Ways to Get Healthy Poo!

Jul 4, 2017 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition


I am super excited as today we are thinking about my absolute all time favourite topic….poo/poop/no.2’s/stools.


Seriously, this is something I love to discuss not just with my one to one clients but with my family and friends too! Lucky them….


Yes, I am bonkers (but for many other reasons), but poo is a seriously brilliant indicator of your overall body health. So because I care about you, I care about your poo.


Poo is my favourite topic for so many reasons and in every session, with my one to one clients, I ask about their poo and periods (Periods we will be discussing at a later date). Having healthy poo impacts your energy levels, mental wellbeing, gut, hormones and so much more.


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7 Steps to Healthy Poop


1.Drink enough water

Your body needs water to swoosh out the poo! Imagine it is like a water slide somewhere hot if you tried to go down a water slide in your bikini with no water you would simply get stuck in the hot tube. This is what constipation is like. If you are dehydrated, and so many people are, this will massively impact your poo and body health.


2.Pooping Posture

This may sound weird but if you can poo in a squatted position with your knees raised above your pelvis, it will really help your rectum go from being all kinked up to being a really smooth space for the poo coming out. 

This is super helpful for people with haemorrhoids, constipation, or any discomfort whilst pooping. I have a stool by my toilet that I can rest my feet on which raises my knees up putting me in that squatted position on a standard British toilet, or you can get a Squatty Potty to help attain the perfect pooping posture. Posture is everything when it comes to pooping and this video is a hilarious explanation of what the heck I am talking about….


3. Diet

Fibre is super helpful with pooping, but in general making sure you are eating wholesome healthy food will really help your poop. If your poop is crap (get it – hahaha!!!) it is probably because you are eating crap (not literally…..ew!). If you are eating junk food then pooping is going to be difficult for you.



4. Heal the body

If you have an infection, SIBO, too much candida or a yeast overgrowth then your pooping will not be healthy. Parasites or infections of any kind will really mess up your whole gut and digestion making pooping very uncomfortable, mucousy, itchy or sore. Parasites and infections will leave you with really loose stools, constipated or both so it is essential to sort that out.

Remember health starts from healing deep on the inside and horrid poops is often a sign of inward imbalance.


5. Magnesium

Your body really loves magnesium for so many reasons and one of them is digestion.

The contractions required to get poo out of your body are all muscled based and magnesium is required by your muscles to function properly. Magnesium also draws water to the bowels so again it is great if you are constipated. Find out more about magnesium here.


6.Food Intolerances

If every day you are eating dairy but you are not producing the enzyme lactase that digests lactose then you are going to be causing lots of inflammation in your body and diarrhoea (which is the most common) and/or constipation. You need to work out if you have any food intolerances so you can rule out anything that isn’t helping your body function healthily.

The most likely things people react to are gluten, dairy (especially milk), nuts, eggs, additives and E numbers, soya, wheat, caffeine.


7. Sugar

Trust me I love cake and chocolate as much as you do! (Just check out my recipes, lots of cake). But you can still eat cake and chocolate and get rid of that sugar addiction don’t worry. But if you are addicted to refined sugars it isn’t going to do your poo, hormones, energy levels, sex life, digestive system, mental clarity, IQ any good at all.

This is why below you can grab my FREE Natural Sweetener guide with recipes, with all the natural sweeteners you can use to create a naturally sweet life without the rubbish that goes with eating refined sugar.





There are my 7 ways to having healthy poops!


Ideally, you want to be pooping every day, and it should be nice and smooth not too mucousy, watery, hard or cracked. Just one or two wipes and you are done, walking away from the loo doing a happy dance – rejoicing in your healthy body!!!!


You after your healthy poo


Feel free to ask me any questions you have about your poo and take action on one of those seven points!


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