What’s going on when you’ve been told everything looks ‘fine’ (Ep 268)

Nov 1, 2023 | Nutrition

What is going on when you’ve been told everything is fine? What is really happening when you’ve been told, all your results look normal, everything’s fine, there’s nothing you can do? What is going on and what can you do if you feel like you’ve been fobbed off or that you just are not fitting in the boxes in conventional medicine?

I’m going to share with you what could be really going on when you’re struggling, when you have symptoms, when you have bloating, skin issues, got issues, struggling with anxiety, struggling with your energy, with weight gain.

What could actually be going on even if you’ve been told everything is fine?

I’ve been told that everything looks normal and fine so many times in my life and I got really frustrated and I eventually found out what was going on and that was why I retrained as a holistic nutritionist because I realised that there are answers out there.

If you are struggling, there will be a recourse and your job is to find that way.



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