Eat & Be Merry

Eat, Be Merry & Ditch

the (Bloated) Christmas Belly!



If you get SUPER excited about the festive season but find you spend most of it feeling bloated, tired, and more like a stuffed turkey than a Christmas fairy, then you’re in the right place!

Maybe your usual Christmas involves a ‘stuff it‘ binge eating mentality, promising yourself that come January ‘everything will change.

You wake up feeling tired with zero energy for the kids/family/work/enforced festive walks and can’t help but dip into that tub of chocolate 5, 10, or 25 times a day.

You know it makes you feel like crap but it’s like you can’t help it…

You stumble into the New Year feeling like you’ve failed. Like you’ve lost the plot again with food, have gained weight, are permanently bloated, tired and sluggish.

You REALLY want a different relationship with food, with your body.

You REALLY want to be a good example of healthy eating to those around you but it feels impossible… so best hide behind a big baggy Christmas jumper.

But what if things could be different?

What if you could ENJOY food, feel GOOD in your body and be in control of your eating this festive season?


I am here to show you how to Eat, Be Merry & Ditch the (Bloated) Christmas Belly.

Your delicious recipe eBook/Festive Survival Guide to ensure you thrive this festive season:








I am a Holistic Nutritionist (and Mum-of-three/wife/coffee & cake-lover) who works with women who are fed up with feeling bloated and tired.

They’re not happy with their body and are tired of constant digestive issues and knowing what to eat. Through my online nutrition practice, I utilize science and sacred practice in creating personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans that help fix their digestion and transform their gut microbiome. So that they can feel good in their clothes, and get back to living their beautiful lives!

(And as well as being incredibly enthusiastic about health, I am also PROPERLY trained with a post-graduate degree in nutritional science and practice plus much more.)



‘Stay healthy at Christmas? Are you for real?’

Here is my unique strategy for keeping you healthy and merry this Christmas:

1. Sugar-free bliss. We know excess refined sugar is NOT doing any good. That is why I have created delicious festive but naturally sweet (and savoury) treats to help you reduce your sugar intake this holiday WITHOUT deprivation.

2. Ditch the hunger. When you spend the festive season eating too much sugar you actually get MORE hungry. So these recipes are designed to ensure you enjoy a tasty treat that will also keep you full for HOURS!




You need to Eat & Be Merry if you want to…

  • beat the bloat this festive season
  • avoid the sugar cravings and afternoon energy dips
  • avoid that typical half-stone Christmas weight gain
  • enjoy tasty gluten and sugar-free recipes that everyone will love
  • sustain your energy over the craziness
  • need a plan of action for getting back on track in the New Year


What you get

  • 15+ sugar & gluten-free sweet treat recipes – like brownies, truffles, chocolate etc
  • 10+ savoury recipes – simple speedy soup, snack, dips and cracker recipes – perfect for entertaining and lunches
  • BONUS – The Eat and Be Merry Planner – this is a simple plan of action and contract you can make with yourself to keep you accountable and STOP your binge eating for weeks on end…



And don’t worry, these recipes are Super SIMPLE.

You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to be healthy – these recipes range from just 2 mins to make AND they will keep you full for hours!

Let’s get merry!


Ready to boost your energy, ditch the sugar cravings, and beat the bloat this Christmas whilst still enjoying your FAVOURITE treats and cake?

Thought so.




Only £15 £11


  • Buy the recipe ebook and you will get FREE access to a Mystery Masterclass in January 2023 – to ensure you get some support and feel good as we enter the New Year. (Value £50)





What people say about my recipes:








Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 16.58.31


Pecan & Cardamom Brownies


Do I need crazy-ass ingredients and to sprout my own chia seeds?

The aim of this recipe eBook is to be as faff free as possible. As for ingredients, I provide a full list of where you can get them and most of them can be bought at your local supermarket or via amazon in one click – simple!


Do the recipes contain nuts?

Yes, a lot of the recipes contain nuts so it’s not ideal for nut allergies (Just peanut allergy? Then you will be fine).


Is it family/spouse-friendly?

Yes – well that is if your family and partners like recipes for chocolate, brownies, gummy sweets and cookies. If they don’t like the sounds of eating those then I can’t help you.